Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jillian Lomax, Stephanie's sister and Hannah's godmother, had some quiet time with Hannah at the end of the party. Jillian will make a great mother someday, she does a wonderful job with her goddaughter.

Hannah commands the attention of everyone in the room. Here Candice and Trent McClarren cannot keep their eyes or hands off her. Trent was looking especially festive this day.

Monsignor Murphy officiated Hannah's parents' wedding and her christening. He seems to have a way with children.

Curran, Mary Keenan, and Hannah compared feet at the party. Hannah was a close third, but hers were the cleanest!

Three beautiful ladies.

After Hannah's third beer (on the counter), Miss Carolyn would not let her have any more. It was Hannah's party, I am not sure why Miss Carolyn had to spoil her fun.

BB made a beautiful and delicious cake for the Christening party.

McKay and Hannah got along very well, it just does not look like it from this angle.

There is a lot of estrogen in our two families!

McKay is Andrew and Stephanie's godchild. She is almost as cute as Hannah.

The camera was not fast enough to capture "G's" hand patting Hannah's back.

Gram and Stephanie tried to keep Hannah entertained, but in the end Hannah just wanted something to eat.

Great Grandmother "Gram" got to hold Hannah for the first time at the Christening. Hannah was very happy to meet Gram for the first time, but as you can tell here she was obviously dreaming of AUBURN football and not Gram's Alabama team.

Hannah met her Aunt Debbie this past weekend at her Christening.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

For some reason Hannah did not like getting ready in the car outside of church prior to the ceremony, but then again it was about 200 degrees that day.

Here Hannah and her parents pose with Deacon Connick. Deacon Connick also officiated Stephanie and Andrew's marriage, Feb 17, 2001. Andrew is standing on a lower stair in the church, no really he is. Everyone else is standing up higher, Andrew is not really that short.

Hannah's godparents: Jillian Lomax and Shane Nicholas

Hannah likes to get baths, but not in the church.

Shane Nicholas and Jillian Lomax are Hannah's godparents. Stephanie and I expect them to pay for college!

Hannah was pretty well behaved. She was not very loud except when she had oiled applied to her forehead.

Hannah was Christened today. She was not as loud as the other baby in the ceremony!