Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hannah Could Get an ABC Job!

Watch this video clip. Hannah is sending in her resume to be the next ABC news anchor. From this clip, I think she'll get it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Does a Trucker Go?

So on our recent trip, I taught Hannah how to get the truckers to blow their horns. She goes around the house saying "beep beep" pumping her arm up and down. Great laughs!

Hannah Can READ!

Hannah the Hopscotch-er!

Hannah has conquered the idea of "multi-tasking". Here she is holding her baby, vacuuming, all while wearing her super cool sunglasses.

Rough Time

Here, Andrew is having a rough day. I really felt for him.

Daddy's "Furry"

While on vacation, Hannah pointed to Daddy's chest and said "Daddy's furry". We are still laughing about that!

We apologize for the delay in getting more pictures up. We have been 'traveling fools'!

Here's Hannah and her bff Maddie. Maddie will be 2 this weekend and we're looking forward to celebrating with her!