Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sullivan - 9 month stats

Weight - 17 lbs 5 oz (7%)

Height - 27.5" (24%)
Head - 45.5cm (55%)

Sullivan had his 9 month checkup yesterday. No shots!! Yeah!! The doctor says he looks awesome (we already knew that though!). At the last visit, she was concerned about his weight gain and had me come back in to re-check him. At the re-check, he had gained weight and had basically made a new curve. At the check up yesterday, he stayed on the curve (a little below), and the doc was just fine with that. I reminded her that Hannah weighed 18 lbs at 1 year. She then said.. Yep, he's fine.

Sullivan remains a happy healthy little fella! He rolls around everywhere and scoots backwards to where he wants to go. He still doesn't crawl forward, but he hasn't really had a need to since he's so efficient in reverse! He laughs hysterically at his brother and sister. He eats everything he has been fed so far--sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, green beans, peas, carrots, every fruit imaginable, cut up bananas, Puffs, cheerios, and now graham crackers.

He sleeps through the night 85% of the time. Takes good naps (when we're home). The only times he cries is when he's hungry, tired, or has just been robbed of a toy!!

Black Market Babies

Preface: lately I've been trying to teach the kids the value of money.
Hannah is constantly asking to buy lunch, breakfast, toys, etc. I tell
her that these things cost money and we need to save our money. Ok...
So we're driving to school this morning...

H: "Mom, did you have to pay money for us?"
M: [thinking to myself...does she think I rolled into a store and
bought her? It's 7:30am and we're on a 2 minute car ride to
school...How do I answer this without launching into a 25 minute
explanation?]. "Yes, the hospital charges you to come in and have a
H: "Oh! Well then you must REALLY love kids to spend that much money on us!"
M: "Yes I do! No matter what the price!"
H: "Bye mom. I love you."[exits car]
M: "I love you too!" [door closes.]

To be continued, I'm sure!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 9 months Sullivan

We can't really get any still shots's all action shots now!