Sunday, June 25, 2006

After Hannah had her fill of pool time, she developed a mean case of bad hair. The simple fact that she has enough hair to look bad means that she is advancing nicely.

Hannah is a very happy little girl. She very much enjoyed her pool time today. We actually took her over to the neighbor's pool, because it was a much better temperature, and Momma and Daddy were able to get in with her. She has a pool float she can sit in and ride around all day. Unfortunately, it started to rain on Daddy's camera, and we had to go home.

Even though it does not look like it, Hannah really enjoyed her pool time today. It was one of the rare times where I wish we had the video camera rolling instead of the still camera. The sounds Hannah made today were hysterical.

I guess it would be appropriate to post at least one picture where Hannah actually seems to be enjoying herself. Who cares that it is after she got out of the pool, and her parents are not within reach. That has nothing to do with why she is happy.

Hannah gave up on trying escaping the ice cold water and just laid in Momma's lap. Momma continued to pour water on Hannah's back, which was met with an annoyed cry each time. Hannah understands we are just looking out for her best interests.

Daddy persuaded Hannah that she should get back in the pool, and Hannah gladly took the suggestion. What you see in this picture is actually a trick of the camera, making things seem entirely opposite of what I just said above. This trick of the camera is not widely known, and very technical to explain. Just accept the fact that Hannah was not forced by Daddy's heavy hand to get back in the pool against her will. -Daddy

Daddy got some time with Hannah in the pool. OK, Daddy did not get in the pool, and Hannah tried her best to stay out of it. Daddy likes being in pictures with Hannah, but would rather appear behind the camera.