Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hannah found a bunch of shells in the surf. She started picking up each one and throwing them back in the water, only to wash back up in a minute. But she enjoyed playing the game for a while.

Hannah especially seemed to enjoy the surf with Momma.

Hannah could obviously be a professional toddler model, but Momma and Daddy are reluctant to share her with anyone else.

There were not many good pictures of the entire family together. Hannah was just too excited to sit still for pictures.

Even though it was obvious she did not like the sand sticking to her hands, that did not stop her from playing in it.

Stephanie and I had never seen Hannah so happy. It makes Management happy just looking at her facial expressions in all these pictures.

Hannah would stand for a picture for about 0.5 seconds, then run around like a toddler possessed. It was hard to get her to pose for the pictures.

As you can see in this picture, she did not much care for the sand sticking to her hands.

The last full day at the beach for the family was Sunday. The family photographer had to leave for his real job on Monday. Hannah really enjoyed running around at the Gulf Beach. Previously she had really only been exposed to the bay where there are no real waves to speak of, and the beach was fairly small. Sunday, we let her run around the beach at sunset, and she had a blast.

Every once in a while, I like to emphasize how small Hannah still is. -Daddy

It is a real challenge to get Hannah to leave her bow in her hair. We have to distract her and put it in her hair without her knowing it. Otherwise she will reach up and throw it on the ground. It is a shame, because she looks so good wearing it.

The Atkins were nice enough to give Hannah a talking Dora the Explorer backpack. The Atkins were mean enough to give Andrew and Stephanie's daughter a talking Dora the Explorer backpack.

Hannah's friends, the Atkins family, invited Hannah over for more presents at the end of the week. It was the end of a full week of opening presents. Next year Hannah is going to expect a little too much of her birthday.

Hannah got a new monkey, and really liked it.

And more presents.

Then it was off to open more presents.

Hannah did not even get any spittle on the cake. She is that advanced.

Hannah really enjoyed having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Interesting story- After trying to teach her to learn what her birthday is all week, she finally got it. Now she is saying "Happy.......Birthday" all the time. Sunday afternoon, Hannah was in her bed trying to take a nap, while her parents were listening to her on the monitor. She started saying "Happy Birthday" over and over to herself. It was very cute.

After downing a couple beers, Hannah and her cousins were just itching to eat that cake and some ice cream too.

And Hannah really wanted some of that cake.

Then it was off to BeBe and Papa's house for her official party (July 4th). BeBe made this cake for Hannah.

Hannah found a toy from when her father was young and decided she would play with the retro toy, rather than open more presents.

G was able to get her refocused on opening presents, but Hannah still wanted to play with this wrapping paper too.

She even played twister with the wrapping paper. That is far more fun than playing with a fork!

After she opened her silver fork, Hannah insisted on playing with the wrapping paper. Despite Pop's best efforts, the attraction to the paper was just too strong.

Hannah started her actual birthday at G and Pop's house. Hannah was already to get in the water, but she HAD to open presents first. Here, she opened a piece of her silver pattern.

Sorry for the teaser last night, but I really did not have much time to post. Tonight is different, so I will post a bunch of pictures tonight...

Hannah had a great birthday. At first, it was a challenge to get her to open her presents; however, she took to it really quickly.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Hannah had a HUGE birthday/birth-week. Hannah loaded up on presents, played at the pool, and just had a great time with her grandparents. Hannah now thinks she should receive a present everyday because she seemed to all last week.
Maybe the most fun she had was her time at the beach during her 2 year old beach photo shoot. This picture is of Hannah with her newest Monkey from the Atkins family. Management is tired after driving 10 hours today and will have to put up more pictures later in the week. The pictures from the beach are well worth the wait.