Sunday, May 17, 2009

More cake...

...And his face. Daddy even got in on that action.

Let's eat some cake...

...With both hands...

I teased with the pictures of Reilly being very mad, but after he actually tasted the cake, he forgot about the party hat bugging him, and started to chow down on that cake.

The kid just loves balloons.

G and pop got a big kick out of Reilly and his fascination with balloons. G and Pop were intent on Reilly holding Orange and Blue balloons (Auburn colors for those of you who do not know), and getting a picture.

Red Balloon (and a chair)

Thanks to Aunt Debbie for the rocking chair, but this red balloon is intoxicating.

Reilly's personal cake

Bebe also made the cake for Reilly to eat for himself. And he did, but not until after he had a good cry, as you could see in the previous posts.

Reilly's loot

Before Reilly's party, and before his first nap of the day, Reilly opened some presents from his family. G made this monkey quilt and Aunt Danielle gave Reilly the pretty silver cup that he loves.

Birthday cake

Bebe made Reilly's birthday cake this year, and Stephanie decorated it.