Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reilly had his 4 month check up today. Here are the vital stats:

Weight 14lbs 8 oz (44%)
Height 24 inches (21%)
Head 42.3 cm (52%)
Temp 97.8 (he is cool)

Reilly endured a few injections! And he gained permission to start eating rice cereal. Stephanie is Hannah are going to pick some up at the store tomorrow, and we will try to get some pictures of the carnage.


Not to be forgotten, Hannah spent some time entertaining the party guests after Reilly's baptism.

You can cleary see that the cake was a big hit. Reilly was just annoyed that Stephanie wanted to let him get really close to the cake, but not give him one bite.

Reilly and Stephanie took time to pose with Monseinor Murphy, a priest that Stephanie grew up with in Mobile. Monseinor Murphy also married Stephanie and Andrew, and baptised Hannah.

On the way down to the baptism, we had lots of time to talk, lots of time during that 5.5 hour car ride with the kids. They were very good, but it was still a long ride. Anyway, Stephanie pointed out that we did not have a family picture with the four of us other than in the hospital the day Reilly was born. So here are two of them.
The last picture is of the cake Bebe made for Reilly.

After becoming a catholic, Reilly posed with Bebe and Papa, G and Pop, and his new god-parents Gordon and Danielle. Danielle is Andrew's sister, and Gordon is Stephanie's wild college friend who has straightened up. No really, he got married and is a respectable member of the community.

Reilly did reasonably well during the ceremony, he did cry a few times, but he was cute when he did.

Reilly seemed like he was going to behave prior to the baptism, however things changed quickly.

Daddy got to hold Reilly a little bit, despite having both grandmothers at the baptism. I real feat.

Hannah and her cousins quickly found the baptism pool and tested their limits. During the whole ceremony, fear that the kids would fall in the pool was rampant.

This past weekend was Reilly's baptism. Reilly had a great time with his cousins and G, and lots of other family. G was proud to let Reilly wear the same "gown" that Daddy wore some 32 years ago. The "gown" was made from material from G's wedding dress, so there was plenty of history behind the "gown". As all men know, "gown" is just another name for a dress, but Daddy had little say in the matter.

G made all of the dresses that the girls are wearing in this picture.

Reilly's Catholic!

Reilly was baptized this weekend! Here's a couple teaser pictures until we can post more.