Monday, February 13, 2006

Even though the pictures do not show it, Heather was not the only one in the room that got to hold Hannah. It was just that everyone had to stand in line waiting to hold her. You can not blame everyone... You know... Because she is so advanced.

That is more like it now that Heather is holding Hannah. Hannah was mesmerized by the pinball machine on the other side of the room. At least that is what I keep telling myself; maybe one of the girls in the house will play pinball with me. -Andrew

Matt Horn had a hard time understanding that Hannah was not his birthday present from the Chambers family. Heather had a hard time letting anyone else hold Hannah.

Hannah enjoyed spending the night out celebrating Matt Horn's 27th birthday. She really liked all the beer.

New Pictures of Hannah soon!

Hannah's website has been lacking updates lately, as I am sure some of
you have noticed. Hannah will be traveling to Mobile, AL this weekend
to see her God-Mother Jillian Lomax. Jillian is getting married in
March and she is having a party this weekend (read: photo
opportunities!). After the party Hannah will be traveling to Orange
Beach, AL to spend some time with "G" and Pop (read: beach photo
Just a quick update on Hannah's progress... Hannah is crawling around
the house about as quickly as her parents can walk around. She is
pulling up on everything and standing. She still leaves big wet mouth
marks on the leather furniture, but she is working on breaking that
habit. She recently weighed in at 15 pounds! We are not sure what
percentile that is, but we know it is right on track with her mother and
father. She has a busy social calendar for the next couple months which
will bring more pictures to the website.
Hannah will return home Sunday (02-19-06) with a load of new
pictures, in the mean time her management will try to get a couple more
posted before the trip. -Management

Sunday, February 12, 2006