Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleeping Late

This morning, Hannah slept until 11am...when I WOKE HER UP. I don't know why she slept so long...but I guess she needed the sleep. When I went in there, she said "Momma, I slept 2 nights." Just about, Hannah, you almost did sleep 2 nights!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bath Time

Reilly LOVES to take a bath. We don't have many pictures for fear that the camera will be destroyed by the splashes. I decided to take a towel pic to show how excited he gets to be "sparkling clean"!

Hide & Seek

Hannah had a friend over to play today. They started playing Hide & Seek and wanted me to find them. It was pretty easy to play with them because I'd say "Ready or not, here I come"....and they'd yell out...."We're under the table!". Ha!


Andrew and Hannah made Mommy the best brownies in the world yesterday! Although Mommy questions who they were really for!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Almost Tired

While on the way to Auburn yesterday, Hannah told us that she was "almost tired". While at the game, Hannah got cold and decided to bundle up in her blankie. No naps were taken during the game...but Hannah & Reilly were troopers!


Here's Reilly and his GodGordo at the Auburn game (embarassment). (Hannah calls her godfather Shane, GodShane. So I guess Reilly will call his godfather Gordon, God-Gordo!) As you can see Reilly is still sportin' his mohawk. A kid actually told us the other day that he liked "the way we do his hair".

Pippy Witch

Thank You BB for our "Oh So Entertaining Pippy Witch Hat"!