Saturday, November 19, 2011

It runs in the family...

Sullivan gets quiet

Sometimes Sullivan gets quiet, then you realize he isn't quiet, he is sleepy.

More Halloween- Carving the pumpkin

Hannah and Reilly had a great time helping to carve the pumpkin this year. They especially liked holding the "guts" of the pumpkin and showing their "mean faces".

Sullivan is getting old...

Sullivan will be 7 months old next week. He is a great little boy. He sleeps really well, has a great personality, and has an infectious smile. He has just about outgrown this swing/chair. He has such strong abs, he can lean up and stick his head between the swing and the legs.
Some time ago, he figured out that he does not like pacifiers, but that his fingers taste really good.

Sullivan's big Halloween

Hannah, Reilly, and now Sullivan each rode in the wagon on their first Halloween night, the same wagon. Sullivan was a trooper, he stayed up all night and didn't whine about it one time. Despite looks to the contrary, there was no beer in that cooler, at least not at the end of the night.

Playing in the leaves

Most everyone can remember playing in piles of leaves when they were young... Hannah and Reilly, now known as 1 and 2, got their chance to play in a small pile this afternoon. It was very late int he day and the pictures were not very good, but here are a few of 1 and 2 having a great time.

Footnote- Mom and Dad have devised the uncrackable code of numbering the children by birth order. Now we can talk about them in front of them. They are all very smart, but they will never figure it out.

G and Pop's visit

G and Pop stopped by and stayed with us for the night a couple weeks back. The family photographer has been a little busy at his real job, hence the delay in posting the pictures. All the kids enjoyed G and Pop's visit, but Sullivan might have had some special attention this time around.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Can You Rd Ths?

This morning Hannah asked me (as she does every Friday) to write her a note to get ice cream in the school cafeteria. I said sure. She whipped out this note and said "Good, 'cause I was going to have to use this one!"

She is 6 years old and already forging notes to the teacher. Lord help me.