Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On a totally unrelated subject... While Hannah and her parents were driving home on Monday Hannah spotted this trailer on the road near Atlanta. I guess it is related because Hannah will someday officially become an American Idol. For now she accepts her unofficial title of "American Idol Junior Champion." -Management

It is difficult to see in this picture, but Hannah is getting her second tooth! The bottom two front teeth are in place. Hannah was not really showing any signs of her teeth/mouth hurting her while these teeth are moving in. I guess she advanced through that stage quickly, as in all other stages with her. -Management

Hannah is getting good at "getting Daddy a beer", but sometimes she does not make it all the way back to Daddy before the beer is empty. -Daddy

I can not put my finger on it... I have no idea why Hannah was so tired?

After a long hard day at the beach, it is time for some rest and relaxation. Hannah was worn out on her first trip to the beach where she could get in the water. She did not like the sand between her toes, and she did NOT like getting in the water. I have never seen or felt Hannah cling to someone as hard as she did when she was dipped in the water. She was so preoccupied by the water then for the first time she did not mind wearing a hat. Normally she will pull the hat off her head immediately, but not at the beach.

Her Pop is explaining the difference between a blue claw crab and a stone crab. Hannah can now order crab at many fine restaurants, for her Daddy. Soon she will learn how to get him a beer from the refrigerator.

Hannah also got to hang with the other side of her family this past weekend. Here Pop is showing Hannah the fish swimming around his boat house. Pop lives on a canal where the fish are easily visible. Hannah was disappointed when Pop did not offer her any Sushi.

After Hannah had been held by Papa for about 2.5 seconds, she decided it was time to get down. She always wants to get down, now that she knows how to walk.

Hannah got to spend some quality time with Papa on this trip. Here Papa was teaching Hannah the finer points of using the cordless phone. She mastered the basic concepts almost immediately. You can see in this picture Hannah answered a call for her mother, then called her to the phone. The person on the other end of the line was a little confused, but that is OK.

Hannah did sit still long enough for her cousin Curran to hold her for just one minute. Hannah was interested in the baby doll that was in the room, she just did not understand it was not a teething toy.

The cousins want to hold her, and she wants nothing to do with them.

Over the holiday weekend Hannah got to see her cousins (Curran, MaryKeenan, and McKay). They enjoyed playing together, but Hannah's cousins could not understand why Hannah never wanted to sit still for even one minute. Ever since Hannah has been walking she finds no pleasure is sitting still.