Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hannah Saying "Momma"

Hannah is walking!

The big news on Hannah is she stood up and took some steps at school
yesterday, without holding on to anything. This big development has her
Daddy wondering if he can cover all of the hard wood floors in the house
with something soft. Daddy will try to get some video and work on
posting it on

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hannah and Stephanie are watching a "Whale Shark" in the Home Depot section of the aquarium. I am not sure why they would name something two animals (whale and shark), it sounds like someone could not make up their mind. Anyway, Hannah enjoyed watching them. This viewing window is probably the best view in the entire aquarium. -Andrew

You can see Hannah was infatuated with the tank we walked through/under. The Georgia Aquarium really has some neat displays, and this one was one of the coolest ones. While we were in there some divers got in the tank and swam around with the fish. It was odd to see them in there with such large dangerous looking fish.

Momma showed Hannah the fish in the tanks. She was very interested, however, when Momma put Hannah down to get a picture of her in front of the tank Hannah threw a fit. We had never seen her act that way. I think she was angry at all of the rude people pushing their way through the crowds. -Andrew

You might ask... Why is Hannah covered up in a blanket in Atlanta in the spring? Well, Daddy had the same question. But Momma was right, it was cold in the Georgia Aquarium. With exhibits like "The Cold Water Quest", Stephanie was right to bring something warm for Hannah.

As I said in the last post... Hannah was very intense watching the game. The white in her eyes is actually the reflection of the ice rink. That reflection was in her eyes all night... well... except for the time she was asleep. -Andrew

Hannah enjoyed just about everything about the hockey game, even the tasty flyers they hand out when you take your seat. You can see that she was mesmerized by the game.

Hannah took her parents to Atlanta this past weekend. She also took them to her first National Hockey League game, the Atlanta Thrasher's game. She was a little confused going into the game. Here she is riding on her momma's shoulders up the escalator to her seats. She thought there were 4 periods in the game, hence her four fingers in this picture.