Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sullivan's first haircut

Sullivan had his first haircut in October (2013).  It was LONG, but Stephanie loved the curls.  Now they are all gone and he is getting big.

Digging through the archives... Pumpkin patch 2013

Sullivan MIGHT have needed a haircut, but Mom likes to hang on as long as possible.  

It is a tradition for us to go to the same pumpkin patch and get mad at each other while we try to get the ideal image of the three of them together.  It worked pretty well this year!

They do love each other, sometimes.

Kids fading out...

Back in November, at the height to college football season, Stephanie and I watched the three kids fall asleep one by one.  Who, was the first and last to fall asleep...  Reilly almost always falls asleep first.  Maybe because he plays the hardest.  Hannah was next, and after Sullivan tried several times to talk to and wake "Sissy", he passed out.  They are some great kids.  Babysitting opportunities are available!

Sullivan's cast

Soooooo, Dad has been neglecting the kids' photography needs.  I still take pictures, but due to my work schedule, not as much as I want to.  Even when I do, it takes me a while to get the pictures onto the computer and posted to the website, if at all.  Case in point, Sullivan broke his foot, healed, got back into a walking boot, then totally healed.  And NOW I am posting pictures of him in the original cast.  I cant say enough about his attitude when he was in the cast, he was still very cheerful each day.  He learned to run in it too, despite the fact that it was all the way up to his mid-thigh.  He is a great kid.

Curran, the big cousin

A couple weekends back, I had the pleasure of watching Curran, Hannah, Reilly, and Sullivan's oldest cousin, play a soccer game.  Not just a soccer game, but the Championship Game of a local tournament.  Curran played most of the second half and the team won big.  Congrats McGill-Toolen girls JV Soccer team!

Doughnuts for Dads!

 Recently, Dad got to enjoy a morning at Reilly's school.  Doughnuts for Dads, as opposed to Muffins for Moms, is the one day a year the Dads get to come into the class.  Reilly was very excited, even more so when Dad told him he could eat all the doughnuts.  We had a great time, and Reilly did a great job singing all of the songs.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guilty Mom

Pre dentist treat (and I'm sure I'm up for a post dentist treat too!)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Poor (smart) Hannah

So today we rolled into the dentist for a routine check up. Hannah and Reilly went back to have their teeth cleaned while Sullivan and I waited in the lobby. After an hour they called me back to give me the update. Both kids were cavity free but Hannah needs some (4) extractions. Eek! Hannah has way too many teeth for her tiny little mouth (sound familiar grandparents?). So the dentist took 2 out today and will take 2 more Thursday. [I asked if they could do them all at once and they said that was too much Novocain. Hmm?] Hannah was a champ! Anyway we go back Thursday for the other 2 extractions.

Fast forward to tonight (post milkshake dinner). I decide to tell her she would have the other 2 taken Thursday. Of course she's now dreading it. I couldn't send her to the wolves again without her knowing what was going on! I promised her I would take her to see the new muppet movie if she was up to it after the dentist. She quickly declined and told me she needed a Disney Cruise. Ha! She sensed the guilt and moved in for the kill. Smart girl!