Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We played in the sand for hours.

we played in Lulu's fountain for Youth! (mommy was not prepared
with a change of clothes. a trip to Target for new clothes was necessary.
But it was worth every penny because they had a BLAST!)

Mommy, I'm wet (2 syllables in wet!)

we were buried in sand.

we posed on the beach. don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
we flew a kite also, but mommy didn't have enough hands to take a
picture of this. Hannah begged mommy to go fly a kite, but then once it was up,
she wasn't interested. Mommy ended up flying the kite.

If only everybody looked cute with chopped off hair! She has gotten
SO MANY compliments on her hair. I'm not sure she's been cured from
playing hair salon at home!

hanging out