Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After a long hard day at play, Hannah kicked back and relaxed with a nice warm bath.
That is it from the friendly confines of the Pensacola, FL airport. Stephanie is on the way home with Hannah and Daddy is on the way to work. Daddy is going to miss Momma and Hannah a whole lot. Momma did call in and request no pictures of her be posted. So Management did comply this time.

Daddy got a new radio for his work bench. Hannah got a new box to sit in.

Hannah figured out which pile was hers and started to dig in.

G also played a good bit with Hannah. Here G was asking Hannah to put another ball on the ramp.

Hannah had a great time with Pop playing with the big legos. Pop would build a tall building, and Hannah would topple it.

As you can see, she is very pleased with herself after she puts in the balls on the ramp.

Hannah got many new toys, and this one was one of the big hits. She is able to drop the balls in the top, and they roll down some ramps. She really likes it.

This is her "Ear Muff's" trick. Pop got into the bad habit of asking Hannah to do this trick at the dinner table when she has food all over her hands. Pop was reprimanded each time he did it, but it did not stop him.

This is Hannah's "Touchdown Auburn" sign language. If it looks exactly like the actual football referee signal, that is because Hannah saw it on TV and learned it, all by herself, with no help from Daddy, no really.

Here Hannah is showing G her sign language for "All Done". Which actually means, "I am done eating, now I want to get out of this high chair, now."

Hannah woke up on Christmas at "G's" house! We tried to contain her in the high chair, but it did not last long.

The entire Lomax extended family got together for a Christmas diner this year. We were able to get this family picture, however there was only one in the group who decided not to cooperate.

The grandchildren took a moment to pose for a picture with Gram (Greatgrandmother).

Hannah may never be big enough to palm a basketball, but she was able to palm the baby doll's head.

Sometimes Hannah needed a little assistance to open the more breakable presents.

Hannah was quick to learn the skills needed to open presents quickly. She rarely saves the wrapping paper.

It is rare Momma will let "Management" post any pictures of her on the site. Today "Management" is sitting in an airport posting pictures, without Momma's permission. Daddy could not have wished for a better wife or mother for Hannah.

Hannah loves her puzzle, and wanted to show it to Daddy, even though he was trying his luck out behind the camera.

Maybe Christmas day was not the right day to tell Hannah, she was shocked when we told her Alabama was going to a bowl game despite the weak regular season performance. This picture was taken when we told her Alabama still did not have a coach.

A little better picture shoing Hannah's new puzzle. Thanks Aunt Jillian and Uncle Charles.

Aunt Jillian and Uncle Charles gave Hannah a very colorful puzzle (sort of cut off in this picture). Hannah likes all the colorful animals in the puzzle.

BeBe and Papa got Hannah this tiger hand puppet. She liked it, but the dogs were scared of it. No one realized it squeaks until Hannah figured it out. She was far more advanced that day than anyone in the room.

Hannah had 2 Christmas mornings this year. One at BeBe and Papa's house and one at G and Pop's house. This is the beginning on her Christmas at BeBe and Papa's house.

Friday, December 22, 2006

After it was all over, Hannah got her first present from Santa this year (the pictures her parents bought for her).

Santa was brave enough to let the whole family sit on his lap. I believe he will wake up tomorrow with a right knee problem.

Santa staring her down did not help much either.

She did not change her mind the whole time Santa was holding her, she really did not like him. Actually, she was a little tired, and did not like a whole lot of people today.

And now she has made up her mind, and she does not like him.

Hannah still has not yet made her mind up about this guy at the mall.

Although she is still not really sure about this guy in the red suit.

Once Mamma stood next to Santa, Hannah was a little more receptive to sitting with the man at the mall that she did not know (as you will see soon).

Hannah went to see Santa today! Santa usually gives presents to the little children, however this Santa really wanted Hannah's water bottle. Or he wanted Hannah to come over, I am not sure which.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Management has been lacking on the site, yes we know. Management would like to say it is going to get better, but Management does not like to lie to the public.
Hannah just wanted to say "Hi" since she has not been seen in many updates lately.
Christmas is coming, and the family photographer has about 4 days off, therefore there should be some more updates shortly after Christmas. -Management

Better late than never...
Hannah had a great time at Brandon and Kat's wedding shower a month ago. The food was so good, she was trying to get a second helping.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hannah will have to wait a little longer for a little brother or sister. Stephanie and Andrew recently found out "C2" was not to be this time around. We appreciate all of the excitement and encouraging words when we announced "C2" was on the way. -Stephanie and Andrew

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hannah spent most of last night, and all of tonight playing with her cousins. Hannah really loves to spend time with her cousins, and they seem to enjoy it too. Despite being told we were about to take a picture, MaryKeenan still looks surprised.

She looks like she is cleaning her hands after eating, but she is not really cleaning herself up, nor is she done eating.

After the photographer "developed" this picture and showed it to Hannah's father, Daddy realized we might need to send Hannah to finishing school. She has not yet figured out how to hold a spoon.

She has pretty much mastered getting food in her mouth by her own hands.

After dinner, Hannah unleashed herself on a bowl of ice cream. She is really getting good at using a spoon herself. Of course when it is ice cream on the spoon, she seems to get more of it in her mouth than when it is spinach.

Dinner was not quite ready on this football Saturday, after Thanksgiving, but Hannah was ready to eat. She was not interested in sitting in her high chair either.

The day after Thanksgiving, Hannah spent the day with the Chambers side of the family. Here Aunt Danielle and McKay played with Hannah at "G's" house.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Stephanie and Andrew are very thankful to have Hannah this and every Thanksgiving and are very much looking forward to having "C2" (Chambers 2) next Thanksgiving.

Hannah was able to show Kelly a few tricks with her camera.

She had a good time with Papa over the weekend.

Despite being up all day, and not having a nap, she is still very happy toward the end of the day.

After walking into the woods to find the golf ball, Hannah gladly accepted a ride back out of the woods.

Papa took Hannah to look for one of the golf balls she drove into the woods.

Aunt Jillian and Papa taught Hannah how to play golf this weekend. She really was not very good, but then again, she did not have the right size clubs.

Hannah knows to be gentle when petting dogs.