Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can you see me now?

Bebe gave Hannah some new goggles tonight for her bath time. You do not have to look very hard to see that Frogs are once again part of Hannah's accessories, or that they do not fit her very well.

Gram is an avid University of Alabama fan, Reilly is not. Reilly gave Gram a little "Touchdown Auburn" pose during their first meeting today, and Gram is now a convert. War Eagle Gram!

Gram got to meet her first Great-Grandson today. Reilly enjoyed meeting Gram, and is looking forward to seeing her a little more this week.

Yea, she is that advanced.

So advanced that she is driving the boat, in her own mind.

Hannah had to wear her real life jacket today out on the boat. She likes the crab on the life jacket, but when she saw some real crabs in a trap today, she was a bit scared of them.


Hannah got a new pool float to protect her from her daredevil ways. Because Hannah's school class mascot was the "Friendly Frog" we went with the obvious choice.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Be prepared!

Details are sketchy at the moment (intentionally)... However be prepared for an onslaught of pictures in the coming week(s). Hannah's birthday is July 1st, and Reilly is excited about attending his big sister's birthday. He is so mature for his age.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Milk Coma

Pretty much every time I feed him, this is what I get to look at when he's full. I'm the luckiest Mom in the world!

First Smile

He started smiling more this week---the non-gas kind! Here's the first one we captured on camera!

Pool Time

Snuggle Time

Monday, June 23, 2008


I braved going to Target with Hannah & Reilly today. I was in the return line, when Hannah struck up a conversation with another Mom.

Hannah - "My Mommy has boobies."
Other Mom - "Oh, Yeah?"
Hannah - "Do you have boobies?"
Other Mom - "Yes."
Hannah - "I don't have boobies."
Other Mom (with a chuckle) - "You will one day."
Hannah - "Yeah. One day."
Target cashier - "I'll take the next in line."

Shew! Let the embarassing moments begin.