Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bebe took Hannah for her first visit to the nail salon. Hannah choose to get her finger and toe nails painted pink, naturally. She was very proud of her nails and wanted Daddy to take her picture.

Reilly's first bath!

Reilly had his first bath at home, with Hannah close at hand. Hannah was a big helper, because she stayed out of the way. Daddy on the other hand received another type of bath, but not one he enjoyed. Reilly found the warm water of the bath very relaxing, and more than his diaper could handle.

Reilly largely slept through his birthday party.

3 Candles?

Why are their three candles? Reilly was three days old on the day of his birthday party.

Bebe made a birthday cake for Reilly, as she did for Hannah, and we had a small birthday party for Reilly. Hannah might have thought it was for her, but that is OK.

Hannah is still doing *pretty* well coping with her new brother in the house. She has been pretty defiant that last couple days, but I do not think that has much to do with Reilly. Mostly just with Hannah's independent nature.

Despite my best attempts, I could not even get Momma to let me take his picture in his jean shorts and tee-shirt. Even so, I think this picture came out alright, since you cannot tell he is wearing a "gown".

For those readers out there who either do not yet have a child, or are just not aware, let me explain this picture. For some reason women want to dress little boys in little girl clothing. Despite the fact that Daddy had brought a new pair of cut-off jeans and a wife beater style tee-shirt for Reilly to wear home, Momma insisted that Reilly wear this dress, er, I mean "gown" home from the hospital. These is no reasoning with a new mother.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Needless to say, Papa is loving having all the grandkids under one roof.

Hannah is really enjoying playing with Cecilia. I think it was a good way for her to escape the attention being paid to Reilly. It is quite a little trick trying to get 2 young girls to look at the camera at the same time. This is as close as I got.

Just another one of Cecilia.

All the In-Law grandkids are in the house!

Baby Cecilia showed up this morning to check out Baby Reilly. Cecilia is just learning how to walk, and had to deal with Hannah busing around her. She was just warming up to Hannah, Andrew, and Reilly when this picture was taken. She is a beautiful little girl. With her arrival, that put all of the in-law grandkids under one roof!

I really liked the color of Hannah's jacket this morning, and was trying to get some good shots of her alone. She kept insisting that I take pictures with Reilly in them. So we compromised, even if he is out of focus.

Those of you with kids will appreciate this... I told Hannah not to touch Reilly because he was sleeping. She decided it would be a good idea to test her limits. You can almost hear her saying, "I'm not touching him."

Hannah told me she is going to teach Reilly how to wink!

Hannah is still in the spotlight!

Hannah is very photogenic by herself, however with Reilly at her side (a little later when he can pose), they will be even cuter.

Last night took a lot out of Stephanie, so Andrew, Hannah, and Reilly gave Stephanie some time this morning to sleep in while the family photographer took some time to pose Hannah and Reilly.
You can see that Hannah takes instructions and positioning very seriously, but Reilly still has some learning to do.

Monday, May 19, 2008

2PM- We made it home with Reilly. We met up with Hannah, Bebe, and Pap at the house. Hannah was tired and needed a nap, at least we hope that is the reason she was not behaving. We will be keeping our fingers crossed on that, and we will keep the readers posted on her adjustment progress.

3:32am - Reilly just finished eating again. That sucker can eat, and seems to be getting more hungry with each feeding.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

G made this Christmas stocking for Reilly to match the rest of the family stockings. She knitted it in the car on the way to the hospital. Just like Hannah, we had to get a picture of Reilly in the stocking. For the record, Reilly did not fit in the stocking quite as well as Hannah did.

G and Pop were very kind to have jumped in the car even before Stephanie and Andrew got the hospital. Andrew called them at 4:30 in the morning, 3:30AM their time, and they got right in the car and traveled to town to see Reilly. We thank them very much for making the trip on such short notice. They had to head back home this afternoon, and we miss them already. Reilly, Hannah, Stephanie, and Andrew look forward to their return soon.

"G" brought Reilly some boy mittens today. The hospital mittens were not very soft and a little girlie. These were much better.

Hannah gave Reilly his first present from his big sister today, a blue TY doggie. Hannah is being very sweet now, but the jury remains out on how long that will last. "G" is betting on when Hannah will say, "Can we take the baby back now?"

Today was red day for Stephanie and Andrew, not planned, it just worked out that way.

A lot of people have been asking about Hannah and how she is handling Reilly's arrival. As you can see, she is very happy to have him around. She showed up today with her baby doll, presumably practicing holding Reilly. She is being very good, and gentle with Reilly. We are not sure how long Hannah will need to be gentle with him, or even how much longer Hannah will out weigh him.


They just came and took Reilly for his boy "procedure". Before he left for his procedure, he loved us, I am not sure it will be the same when he comes back. I wouldn't.

Just a couple close-ups of Reilly.

Reilly's First Night!

Reilly's first night was a pretty good one. We had to wake Reilly up to get him to eat, and when we did, he was not all that interested. He is a big boy and can go longer than some babies without eating. In these pictures Reilly is sleeping next to momma this fine Atlanta morning. He is due to wake up in about 35 minutes to eat, but there will no pictures of that.
Reilly is expecting his grandparents for the first time today, in a short while. Management will attempt to get some pictures of the grandmothers fighting over holding Reilly. That is always good for some laughs.

PS- Notice the beer by the window is full, Reilly has not gotten to it yet.