Saturday, March 27, 2010

The aftermath

After the haircuts it was all unicorns and rainbows. No one was mad any more, not even Momma.

Reilly: "Do you believe you did not even get put in time-out after this stunt?"
Hannah: "Mom and Dad are such pushovers. I was laughing at them while I was getting my hair cut."
Reilly: "They gave me a lollipop, let's do this again next week!"
Hannah: "I think my dolls at home need a hair cut too, it isn't really all that hard."

Hannah was no longer upset about the whole thing. Momma did say that Hannah started crying after she saw her own hair in the mirror. I am not sure if she was crying because she saw her own hair, or if the guilt trip had started. Either way, she is now saddled with a 1980's wave haircut for a while, maybe they will come back in style soon.

A small smirk?

Am I mistaken, or is that a small smirk?

The cuts...

Here are the cuts in progress, they look better than the final product.

Shades of his birth, Reilly has a mohawk again, if only for a brief moment.
Hannah's hair is so short. She really had some pretty hair yesterday.

Hannah pretty much sat in this position the whole haircut. She was experiencing the biggest guilt trip ever from her mother (see the arms folded in the back left of the picture).

Reilly did not mind a bit.

Emergency Corrective Actions...

There HAD to be emergency corrective action, there was no telling Momma otherwise. So off to the salon...

Does anyone look happy here?
Reilly's hair was far better off than Hannah's, but it was a bit messed up. Daddy was happy that the curls would have to come off to correct his hair!

Mom is in a better mood now.

The Hair incident of 2010

There was drama concerning hair today at the house. Momma was very happy to realize Hannah and Reilly would play well together in the basement playroom. Hannah and Reilly were playing very well for a long time, near one hour. When it was time for Hannah to get ready to head out to a birthday party, the Hair incident was discovered. Hannah had cut her hair as well as Reilly's, but it was Momma that was crying, Daddy headed straight for the camera...