Saturday, March 25, 2006

The other thing I have noticed since I hurt my knee is that Hannah is really picking up speed when she crawls. She has learned to crawl without her knees touching the ground (not shown here). She knows crawling this way decreases her drag and speeds her up. It amazes me how advanced she is. -Andrew

As expected Hannah went right over her toys and onto something she should not be touching, like her Daddy's injured knee. Since I hurt my knee I have noticed Hannah really likes to lean on my knee and crawl over it. -Andrew

You might look at this picture and wonder why it made it on the website? There is a very good reason... What you are witnessing in this picture is something you rarely see with Hannah any more, she is playing with her own toys and not everything she is not allowed to touch! Or maybe she is just going to crawl over these toys and over to something like a wall outlet or the computer.

Hannah's Daddy went to Auburn this week to have his knee examined. While there he picked up Hannah's "Auburn Girl" sweatshirt. Hannah really likes the shirt, but it really does not fit her all that well. The sleeves are too long, but the belly of the shirt is just fine. Hannah is starting to feel better now that she is getting over the Rotavirus. She hopes to return to school on Monday.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"G" made Hannah's dress for the wedding. It matches the 3 flower girl dresses she made for the wedding too. Hannah was a little to young to be in the wedding, although she is very advanced.

This past weekend Hannah's God-Mother got married. Hannah is posing with her mother despite being very sick. Hannah picked up a nasty little virus that stuck with her all weekend and she is still trying to fight it off today. Hannah is a trooper.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Upon further review...

Maybe the Photographer will not be out as long as first thought! The MRI
taken Wednesday of last week was read today. The doctor says the ACL is not
torn as first though, but might have just been slightly sprained (although
it did not feel "slight"). Physical therapy will begin early next week, and
the knee will be physically tested. If the knee is stable no surgery will
be required, and if it is not stable... We will cross that bridge when we
get there. -Management