Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Ad for Cheerios?

I know it makes YOU want to buy some Cheerios.

Queen Hannah

We have a new reward system in place for Hannah. If she's really good and gets a whole load of stickers on her chart, then she gets a choice of a toy or her nails painted. Well, she did it! She chose to have her nails done.

I splurged and took her to the salon to have them done. Here she is living it up in the massage chair w/ Mr. Tony.

I asked her what color she wanted. She said yellow. UMMMMMM.... how about we do yellow on your toenails and pink on your finger nails? Ok, she says. Thank goodness it's winter!

While in the chair, Mr. Tony is asking her all kind of questions like what her name is, what her brother's name is, how old she is, etc. Well, he asks her where she goes to school. Hannah says without hesitation, High School. The whole salon cackled!

Smore Fun Than You Know

Daddy is teaching Hannah how to eat/smear Smores! Somehow Momma ended up having to do bathtime. I guess I drew the short straw! -momma

Little Big Hannah

Look how big our little girl is getting! She is so much fun!

Future Football Player?

Not much longer until I can throw a football. Just working out my throwing arm here!