Saturday, April 01, 2006

There is a lot of wonder in those eyes... Hannah wonders what is in the pantry, what is in the refrigerator, what is in Mommy and Daddy's magazines below the coffee table (that she is not allowed to touch or rip any more), and she wonders how long the streak of Auburn football wins over Alabama will last (currently 4, soon to be 5). If you look closely at the reflection in her eyes, you can see that she also wonders what will happen if she touches Daddy's new camera.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hannah is getting more vocal!

Recently Hannah has been making more noise in an attempt to talk. She
now knows how to make a clicking noise with her tongue and she is slowly
starting to say "Hannah" and "Mommy". "Hannah" sounds like "Na-Na" and
Mommy sounds like "La-La". She already says "Da-Da". She gets very
proud of herself when she talks.
She is also trying out a new trick, standing without holding on to
anything. The other night she would let go of whatever she was holding
to steady herself, look at Mom or Dad, smile really big, and put her
hands in the air to prove she was not holding onto anything. When she
does this she gets very proud or herself and falls back down on her
bottom. She also immediately looks at Mom when you say "Where is
Momma". I guess the point I am trying to get across is Hannah is
advancing her skills quickly.