Friday, February 24, 2006

Hannah and her mother made up quickly after the traumatic shower experience. They are my two favorite women in the room. -Andrew

Very Advanced, but still not happy in with her shower experience.

Still not happy with the shower.

She is not happy with her first shower.

This is the last picture of Hannah being happy in the sink you are going to see in this series. This was before she got her shower with the sink sprayer. In fact you can see the hand of her mean mother about to get the sprayer. Don't worry the new camera is plenty far enough away to ensure it does not get wet.

As soon as I saw this photo opportunity I knew exactly when I wanted to use it. On Hannah's wedding day I will have a nice presentation of embarrassing pictures of her for everyone to see, or maybe it will just be a copy of this website. -Andrew

Hannah got a bath/shower in the sink tonight, but the big news is how advanced her father's new camera is! This is the first set of pictures taken of Hannah with a Nikon D200. Since we have the new camera many new pictures will be posted. -Andrew

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stephanie and I did not realize we should be teaching Hannah the finer points of not drinking from the faucet yet. We had no idea she was advancing so quickly, although maybe you, the loyal reader, might have noticed? Anyway we will be working on using a bottle or cup rather than drinking right from the tap. -Andrew

Sorry... No beach pictures

I had planned on taking some pictures of Hannah at the beach on this last
trip, but the weather did not cooperate. It was cold and raining, therefore
neither Hannah nor my camera was allowed out on the beach on this past trip.

Then she realized she went after the source of the water. Anything to play with while in the bath, she is the same way at home.

Far before most babies would get a hold of the water stream Hannah got it.

"G" was nice enough to give Hannah a bath after the feeding fracas. Hannah really seemed to like it and was trying so hard to grab the stream of water from the faucet.

Hannah and her Daddy spent all of Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon together while Hannah's mother participated in a wild bachelorette party. "G" was feeding Hannah when she got all messy. Daddy can take no credit as he was locked in behind the camera. -Management

Here is a little better look at Papa and Hannah quietly eating in the corner at the party.

Papa stopped to feed Hannah at the party this past weekend. Hannah's three cousins at the party all decided to lend a hand to help feed Hannah. I am not sure how much help it was, but it is cute how excited the three Nicholas girls get when Hannah comes to see them.

Hannah got a little sleepy at her cousin's Mardi Gras Parade, so G held her and put to asleep. Hannah day was full of 5-10 minute naps, which was not so great for her parents.

Hannah's grandparents BB and Papa gave Hannah a walker toy. She liked to walk around behind the walker until it hit this chair and no longer would roll forward. She has not yet figured out how to put it in reverse.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hannah's Mobile, AL Update

Hannah had a good trip to Mobile, AL this past weekend. Management is a
little backed up right now, but anticipates updating the website with
pictures tomorrow night. -Management