Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pics from Week 1

the peanut gallery during Sullivan's first bath at home.

Sullivan's First Bath at Home. (We don't have any pictures from his actual first bath because the hospital did it while he was in transition right after his birth.)
love those chubby cheeks!

in awe of BB!


Reilly being Reilly!

Hannah LOVES being a big sister again.

It has been a really busy first week balancing 3 kids! We apologize for the delay in getting recent pictures posted.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More thanks...

Stephanie and I are very appreciative of Stephanie's sister Jillian (a Labor and Delivery nurse) for driving over for the birth and helping out in the delivery room. In talking with Stephanie today, we realized we had 1 picture of her in the delivery room and one very Not Suitable For Work (NSFW) video, which will never be posted anywhere. Jillian took all the pictures of Daddy with Sullivan and it is rare Daddy gets to be in front of the camera. A big thanks to Jillian for all the help this time around!

Traditional stocking gift and picture...

Sullivan got his stocking from G on his birthday. G always makes a stocking for the new babies in the family and for relatives and friends. It drives G crazy when she doesn't know the name of the baby prior to birth because she can't put the name on the stocking. With each of our kids (3 if you are keeping track) we did not find out the sex or tell anyone the names we had picked out prior to the birth, Sullivan being no exception. So G was forced to put the name on the stocking on the way up to Atlanta when we announced the name. As is tradition, we also put the new baby in the stocking for pictures.

Happy Easter to all

Thanks to everyone who has checked out the website, stopped by the hospital, called, written, or otherwise given up their time to check up on us. A special thanks to G and Pop for driving up yesterday to meet Sullivan, and to Bebe and Papa for coming up and taking care of Hannah and Reilly while we are still in the hospital.
Team Chambers is doing very well thanks to all the support from friends and family.

Hannah, Reilly, and Mommy

They don't realize it yet, but they will be sharing their time at home with Sullivan in about 24 hours.

Hannah and Reilly get their hands on Sullivan

So Hannah and Reilly finally got to hold Sullivan this morning. They were VERY excited. Hannah told me on the way over in the car that "It is hard to be a big sister to two brothers." Hannah says a lot of things, much of it funny, however I can not figure out how or why she thinks it is hard to be a big sister?

Bebe and Papa

So yesterday Bebe and Papa didn't get much time with Sullivan one on one. This morning they did. They are still taking care of Hannah and Reilly while Mommy and Daddy are in the hospital and we greatly appreciate it. They came by this morning at 11:10.

Day 2- More crying pictures

Sullivan is finding it a challenge to stay away long enough to eat. Babies in the first days normally do. So you have to make them uncomfortable enough to wake up and eat. We have been doing that to Sullivan, but he still doesn't really want to eat. However, to be clear, he had not been a fussy baby, I just get the camera out when we make him cry. -Daddy

That's my BOY!

The doctor came in this morning and performed the circumcision. When he came in to recap the procedure, he told us Sullivan was the 5th boy he has performed a circumcision on that had to use the largest size tool on. Rock on Sullivan!

Stephanie with Sullivan

In the chaos that has been our lives since Sullivan was born, I did not realize I had not posted many pictures of Stephanie. That is not atypical because she frowns on any pictures I take of her, no matter how good they are. Anyway, here is a picture of mother and newborn. Sorry for the delay.