Friday, May 29, 2009

More PhotoShoot pics

I just realized I had some more pictures from the photoshoot of Reilly! Enjoy!

Ridin' Forward

Reilly absolutely LOVES ridin' forward in the car. It's nice to see where you're going instead of where you've been!

Only Picture

Sadly, this is the only picture taken on our trip to the beach last week. We were 2 hours into our trip stopped at Ruby Tuesday. Hannah jumped in BB's lap and said, "Hey Mom, Take our Picture. Cuz we're cute!". We should have taken a picture at the end of our 8 our trip (that is supposed to take 5!). We weren't looking so cute then.

I LOVE my Papa! Can't wait to see you again!! Go ahead and start stocking up on groceries! now!

True Colors

Here is Hannah showing her true colors during the ballet recital...

So I did the next best thing and got a picture with her twin!