Monday, January 23, 2006

All kidding aside... Hannah really is scooting around the house now. She is still not too fast for her parents, but she is getting there. She is crawling a little earlier than the others in her class. She likes to try to pull up on just about everything now, and she can stand for a short while if she is holding on. It is getting dangerous at the Chambers' house. The leather couches are in danger of getting small wet mouth impressions on them; Daddy is constantly watching out for leather damage or at least trying to prevent it. She comes home from school most days and crashes for a while. Tonight she has had all kinds of energy, and ironically her parents do not (tonight).
Hannah is looking forward to seeing her grandparents this coming weekend, but her father is going to miss her while he is spending the weekend with the boys shooting guns, and playing cards.

Usually after I take pictures of the family, Stephanie and I look them over prior to posting them on the webpage. Tonight I got some good ones of Hannah standing with Stephanie holding her just in case she got wobbly. Stephanie did not like herself in the picture, she never does. So she told me not to post any of her in the picture with Hannah, and I agreed not to post any of Stephanie.
Here Hannah is seen standing with the help of a neighborhood "friend". The unnamed person seemed to have a great time with Hannah tonight. -Andrew

I had never noticed before, but Hannah really is quite bald. In addition to being very advanced. -Andrew

Hannah was watching the baseball game on TV and is trying to figure out how to throw a split finger fast-ball, just like the big boys. She has most of the motion down, but will need to visit the weight room a few times before she can put it all together.

Stephanie and I wonder what kind of sports Hannah might like to play. Here she looks like a soccer goalie, except not mean enough. She might just have to stick with the modeling scene and make tons of cash for her parents. Yea, that is what she wants to do. -Management

Today Stephanie and I had to have a conversation with Hannah. It seems at school today she made another girl cry in the class because Hannah was so much more advanced than the other girl (born on the same day as Hannah). We asked Hannah to play nice and not to show off so much. Hannah understands she is much more advanced than the rest of the class and agreed not to talk in front of them anymore. -Andrew

Hannah is in a great mood tonight, now that she is out of her car seat and is free to roam the floor. She was not quite so happy on the ten minute ride home from Babies-R-Us.

Hannah has really advanced her skills as of late. Here she is standing in her crib waiting for daddy to get her out. She is in the 2nd percentile for height, so you can see that she is using the bumper pads for a little extra height. Like I said, she is very advanced. -Andrew (Daddy)