Monday, June 02, 2008

Hannah enjoys playing with Reilly while he is hanging out on the mat.

Unlike Hannah, Reilly will still hang out with Daddy on the couch. Basically, he will sleep anywhere. He is doing very well sleeping through the nights, averaging about 7 hour at a stretch! Reilly is currently at the doctor, and will get an update on his vital stats this afternoon.

Reilly is getting used to spreading out and laying (or is it lying?) on his mat, but he is not fond of being on his tummy.

One lazy day, Stephanie, Reilly, and Hannah were all asleep and Daddy was left to watch TV all by himself. That was a quite rare occasion.

Hannah especially enjoyed spending time with Bebe this time around. Hannah is looking forward to seeing her again is just 4 short weeks.

Good-Bye to Bebe

If you cannot tell, Reilly was very disappointed to have Bebe walk out the door and head back to her home and her life. We very much appreciated Bebe's time and efforts helping Stephanie, Andrew, and Hannah cope with the arrival of Reilly. Papa is surely happy to get his bride back to his house. It was almost 3 years ago Bebe did the same thing to help with Hannah. Looks like she will have to come back in another 3 years.

Management has a real job, you know...

There has been some chatter about more/new pictures on the website, but management does have a real job. Management will do it's best to work on getting something new up today during management's lunch break. Come back a little later today to check it out...