Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hannah has a lot of really cool toys... Toys that talk to her, toys that sooth her gums while she is teething, toy that flash and blink, etc. Some of which you can see in the background of this pictures. However, Hannah seems to like two toys that belong to Daddy: The Nikon Camera and the Sony remote control. It is difficult now to get the camera out because Hannah will come crawling to it and try to take her own pictures, as you can see in this picture. -Daddy

Hannah is crawling around and pulling up on EVERYTHING now. Here she is holding onto the coffee table. She does pretty well with the table, although she has bumped her head on it once or twice. She likes to try to eat the table too. This is fine now, since she has no teeth, but I am not sure what her parents are going to do when she wants to bite the wood when she has teeth. Daddy wakes up in a cold sweat some nights thinking about his leather couches and Hannah's little wet mouth marks.

In case you missed the first post of Hannah eating prunes, here is a little closer view of it. As you can see she laid down a good first coat of squash (orange color) prior to applying the prunes (black color) to her face.

Hannah got a good taste of the good life today; she was allowed to eat prunes! I can not say this was the first time she had prunes, but I can say it is the first time she got them on everything around. Prunes do not look very good on her, nor do they look good on my leather couches, next to the wet mouth marks. -Andrew