Friday, October 28, 2005

Hannah would like to say Happy Halloween to everyone out there is "Blog Space". She is also accepting donations to the "Send Hannah Elizabeth Chambers to College" fund. Checks can be made out to her father or directly to Auburn University. War Eagle! -Andrew

Here Hannah is seen with her friends from school. She is obviously the cutest baby there.

The lady in blue behind Stephanie is Hannah's "teacher" at school. She is very nice and is shown here pushing two babies in the parade in the shopping cart which also doubles as a fire escape for the infants. Hannah has not yet had to use the fire escape shopping cart.

Stephanie and Hannah walked in the Pumpkin Parade today at school. She was more of a thug-ish nutter butter with that hat on.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hannah is REAL excited about her Pumpkin Parade tomorrow. She had a dress rehearsal tonight and she is ready to go. She is likely to be the best dressed "Nutter Butter" cookie there. If you are in the area I suggest you come out and see her in her first parade, you could say you were there at the beginning of her modeling career. But please do not try to compare your kids to Hannah, you would only be setting yourself up for disappointment. -Hannah's agent

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hannah's Halloween Parade

This Friday, Hannah will be making her debut in her first ever Halloween Parade at her school. She will appear as "nutter butter"! The baby in her class that brings the most canned goods gets to be the GRAND MARSHALL of the class. Of course, her Mom & Dad want her to win. If you're interested in contributing to the "Spooky to be Hungry" food drive, please let get your canned goods to her Mom & Dad by this Thursday.


Hannah's Big News

This weekend Hannah learned a new trick. She now knows how to roll over... both ways back to belly & belly to back! Her dad was unfortunately not there to see it, so she's been practicing to get it perfect for him to see. We'll never rest again!