Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This is likely the last post before this weekend's annual Bug Boil party! Hannah will only be there a short while, but she will most likely pose with a crawfish for the first time on the trip. Be on the look out early next week for that. -Management

Another lesson Mommy and Daddy learned that day is that Hannah does NOT like the feel of grass on her feet. I hope she likes beach sand. -Andrew

But they are few and far between when all your daughter wants to do is sleep and not be bothered.

There might be a good moment sandwiched in between the cranky ones.

And it gets louder.

But it gets worse, and so do the pictures.

Mommy and Daddy learned a valuable lesson this past weekend. It is NOT a good idea to take your sleepy child to the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, or any other place for that matter, and try to get some really good pictures of her. You will see our progression on the next few posts, but it will not give you a true to life feel of how bad an idea it is to wake your tired child up for pictures.
It does not look so bad here, does it?