Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sullivan - 2 month Stats

I know I'm posting this late, but at least I'm posting it :) His 2 month doctor visit was June 27, 2011 and here are his stats:

Weight - 12 lbs 7 oz. (66%)
Height - 23"(48%)
Head - 41cm (70%)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Party - Part 1

Reilly & Charlie could be brothers they're so stinkin' cute!

Cecilia & Hannah with the sign the Nicholas Cousins made!

Curran sporting her cast! Thank goodness she's gotten it off now and can enjoy the rest of the summer cast-free!

Mary Keenan looking like a flower child :)

I can't explain this one of Mackie??

Brooke posing.

Hannah ready to dig into some cupcakes!

who wouldn't want to play in dish bubbles at the beach?

Hannah in the original birthday hat. I think she'll be wearing that thing til she's old and gray!


While we were at the beach, we celebrated Hannah's Birthday - Part 1! Here are a couple pictures from the Pirate & Princess Breakfast on her actual birthday - July 1st!

Sullivan is still here!

Sullivan can sleep just about anywhere.

G really knows how to pound babies to sleep!

awake talking to Pop!

So we were asked today if we sold Sullivan to the gypsies because we haven't posted any of him lately. Oops! Poor 3rd kid! Here are a couple of just Sullivan. He's now 12 weeks old and has a really cute personality. He loves to watch his big brother & sister. He smiles when smiled at. He's laughing and cooing more and more each day. He is a laid back baby and pretty much only cries when he wants to eat. Although today he cried in Target and he was completely happy with being up on my shoulder checking out his surroundings. Made for a little bit more difficult of a trip to Target, but at least he wasn't screaming!