Monday, November 21, 2005

Here Hannah's Godfather enjoys Auburn beating Alabama for the fourth time in a row, just as Hannah predicted (check the archive if you do not believe it). Danielle and Shane are Andrew's sister and brother in law. Stephanie's sister Jillian is Hannah's Godmother (not pictured here). The fireworks in the background were actually to mark 17 more years before Hannah attends her first class at Auburn, not the HUGE Auburn victory against Alabama. Did I mention Auburn beat Alabama four times in a row? -Andrew

Pictured here is Hannah's Atlanta support staff. These people all help take care of Hannah when she comes to town. This day they were all there to support Hannah's Thanksgiving "Feast before the Feast" party.

Hannah and Maddie got to spend some time together again this past weekend. For those of you keeping track, Maddie is younger, although in this picture you can see she is bigger and has more hair. The hair thing will not become an issue until Hannah is a little older, and I guess the same is true about the weight.

The Holidays mean updates to!

Hannah's photography and witty comment generator has been getting
feedback that Hannah's site has been neglected as of late. Your
feedback has been heard and updates are coming soon. Hannah's travel
and football schedule has been hectic and has not allowed her to sit
down in front of the camera lately, but that is all about to change.
The holidays are coming and so are the pictures, lots of them.
Hannah attended the "Feast before the Feast" yesterday and was able to
get some pictures with her best friend Maddie. Those pictures are
coming soon. Much like the Soprano's long delay between seasons, she is
worth the wait. -Management