Monday, April 09, 2007

It was very cool to see how happy Hannah was this Easter. She is always Happy, but it is really neat for Daddy to see her light up on a holiday like this. Daddy has secret plans to hide eggs about 6 months from now. Easter in October!

Hannah got an encouraging word, and maybe a hint as to where the next egg was hidden.

Easter Papa did a good job of hiding eggs outside, but Hannah found them all.

Got it!

Got it!

An old Pro!

At this point in the day, Hannah was an old pro at hunting eggs. She was on a mission in the back yard. She zeroed in on an egg and darted right for it in this picture.

After Hannah's midday nap, Papa took her outside to find more eggs in the back yard.

Hannah is trying to figure out exactly how many jelly beans she can get in her mouth at one time.

Hannah found the egg behind and under this chair. Instead of just moving the chair likes she likes to do anyway, she decided to craw under it. In case you are wondering, her mouth is full of jelly beans. She got her first taste of Jelly Beans this Easter, and later she decided that would help her not sleep well.

Hannah found this bubble soap in her basket. She walked over to Momma and said, "Mess?" Momma agreed and we opened the bubbles later.

Found it, oh wait that is a lemon.

Hannah found the yellow egg in with the lemons, oh wait, no she didn't. That is a lemon.

Hannah gets into her basket

Hannah figured out that the big basket on the table was for her. It was odd, it took her a while to get her hands into that basket, however, if Daddy puts something on that table, like a beer or a remote control, it takes her no time to get her hands on it. Go figure.

Haircut, is it time?

Hannah has yet to get a haircut, but with this look, Momma might need to consider it.

You might be thinking, Wow Hannah is about to find the yellow egg in the lemons, but you would be wrong. Hannah looked into that bowl several times without spotting that egg.

It didn't take long...

It did not take Hannah long to start the hunt. Nor did it take her long to find those really easy eggs.

Hannah's big entrance

Hannah seemed more excited than normal to come down the stairs in the morning. At this point she did not realize the Easter Bunny had come to visit her, but she figured it out really quickly.
Management is forbidden from posting pictures of Hannah's mother taken in the morning. Management believes this is ridiculous, however since management has to live with Hannah's mother, a little Photoshop editing keeps a happy home.

Look in the lemons...

The Easter Bunny took it easy on Hannah this year, except for the egg in the lemons. The Easter Bunny needs to reconsider hiding eggs on the black leather couches, management does not feel that is a good idea.

Easter Bunny came and ate...

The Easter Bunny came and visited Hannah soon after she went to sleep. It must have been on the first stops for the Easter Bunny, because he devoured the lettuce and carrots Hannah left out for him.

Two fisting like a true party girl.

Hannah could not wait to dye all the eggs so she started two fisting, like a sorority girl at a fraternity party.

But she recovered quickly!

Hannah discovered she does not like the taste of egg shells.

Hannah really enjoyed dyeing eggs despite it being about 2 hours past her bedtime. She is awesome.

Easter Bunny played tricks on Hannah

The Easter Bunny played a trick on Hannah. This yellow Egg Hannah was hidden in a bowl of decorative yellow lemons. Despite Hannah's advanced nature, she was not able to pick out the egg from the lemons on Easter morning. On the plus side, Hannah will never fall for that again.

Hannah and Momma were a good team. Momma was able to escape without any new colors on her white shirt.

Hannah's Eggs

Hannah dyed Easter eggs for the first time this year. As you can tell, Hannah was expected to get messy, so we took off her shirt and put on her "Rain coat", which is actually more like a art class smock shirt.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hannah's Big Easter

Hannah had a big Easter day today. Momma and Daddy are tired, so there will be some posts later in the week. Oh yea, Hannah is a little tired too, or else she would have posted the rest of the pictures. She is that advanced. -Management