Monday, April 03, 2006

Hannah, Stephanie, and Andrew met Susan Skaden at the Augusta Spartan's arena football game a couple weekends back. This was the first, and so far the only, time Hannah wanted Daddy to hold her all night. Any time anyone but Daddy was holding Hannah, she would get upset and reach for him. Hannah might have been jealous that Daddy was holding his camera and not her. Daddy did not get many pictures that night. -Management

Of course there are many great moments with Hannah. She has been standing and smiling a lot lately. She was in a great mood a few nights ago and in this picture you can see she is really happy, as always.

The mess Hannah was able to create while eating tonight is amazing. Black and White photography really shows it well.

The joys of parenthood, as many of the loyal readers know, are plenty. Watching you child grow and learn is one of those many joys. Some that might not qualify as "joys" are watching you child learn how to spit food all over herself, drool all over your leather couches, or when she finally learns how to spit her food on you while you are trying to feed her. Although I do not yet know first hand, potty training might not be a great "joy" either. -Andrew

Sometimes you can just be sitting in the room and watching television, and all of a sudden you realize you have not heard anything from Hannah in a while. Then you look at her and she has that look like she has done something wrong. You might not know what she did, but she does and that is why she shoots you that look. It is just a matter of time before you find out what she did.