Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 peas in a pod

I just found this picture of Hannah and Reilly during Reilly's first bike ride. It struck me how much they look like each other when they are wearing their helmets.

Reilly's new bike

Reilly got a new bike from a friend (read- hand-me-down)... He was very excited as you can see. You can also see he is becoming a big boy. Hannah was mothering him as he was riding for the first time. She was helping him turn around and honking his horn every chance she could get.

Reilly eating (mostly) an ice cream cone

When Hannah was 3, Pop and Daddy took her to the Orange Beach Marina to have some ice cream. The result was a great picture and a tremendous mess... So Pop and Daddy decided to recreate the moment with Reilly this year, since he is almost exactly the same age as Hannah was that day. Here are the results...

Hannah the soccer player!

Here is Hannah's team picture from soccer this year. The date was 01-23-2011, so yea, I am behind on getting things posted to the website. -Daddy

Catching up...

It's father day and Daddy is trying to catch up with all the stuff on my desk, pictures from vacation, etc. I will try to post some pictures this week.