Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hannah enjoyed playing with Tripp and getting her new nickname. She is expecting some pickles in her stocking next year. She likes Bread and Butter pickles.

Hannah is seen here with Candice and Trent McClarren (outsides) and Tripp Atkins. Tripp gave Hannah her new nickname of "Pickles". While she is very advanced, Hannah sometimes decides not to cooperate when taking pictures.

At this point Hannah has had a long day! This picture was taken Christmas day around 8PM. Hannah was really wiped out from the long day, but was handling it well. Here she was enjoying the Lomax family party.

Hannah is getting really good at reaching for things, especially at the dinner table. Her parents first realized this when Hannah pulled Stephanie's quesadilla off the table and onto the floor one night. She can move really fast!

Hannah met her Great-Great-Great Aunt Vevia while in Mobile for Christmas. Aunt Vevia is 95 years old and really enjoyed meeting Hannah. Hannah really enjoyed sitting with Vevia for a little while. Hannah is looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Hannah and her cousin MaryKeenan have the same beautiful blue eyes. Hannah is almost 6 months old, so she might keep her blue eyes.

Hannah is almost 6 months old. She did very well spending 8+ hours on the way down to Mobile in her car seat and 8+ hours in the car seat on the way home. That is a sign that she is very advanced.

Hannah had a good time with G and Pop on Christmas break. Hannah can not wait until she is a little older and can eat some of the goodies G makes around Christmas.

Hannah is helping "G" open her presents. Curran and MaryKeenan (Hannah's cousins) are waiting their turn to hold Hannah.

Hannah had a great Christmas. Here she is practicing protecting her presents from any future brothers or sisters.

Hannah Christmas Update

A short update on Hannah's Christmas... Hannah had a great first Christmas.
She got a little sick during the trip to Mobile, AL, but had a good time
spending time with family. She also picked up a new nickname... "Pickles"
Hannah and her parents got home at 12:15AM December 29th, so pictures will
be posted sometime tomorrow. -Management