Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Diaper Genie

So the other morning Daddy got up with Hannah. Like we do EVERY morning, we give her kisses and tell her we need to change her diaper. Hannah told Daddy that she didn't need to change her diaper. Daddy insisted that we DO need to change your diaper after you've been sleeping in it all night. So, Daddy changed the diaper thinking it actually was a little dry for having slept in it all night.

Fast forward to nap time. Daddy puts Hannah down for a nap when he notices a diaper... soggy... in Hannah's bed. We figured out that Hannah had taken off her soggy wet diaper and PUT BACK ON a dry diaper that her babydoll had been wearing.

Note to self: #1 Work harder at potty training Hannah. #2 Train Hannah to change real baby's diapers!