Friday, November 02, 2007

And just like that, the night was over. Hannah a great time, and was tired when we got home. She found some time to eat a couple treats, but when distracted, her bag of candy disappeared into some cabinet... Somewhere. "Hey look over there." Still works really well.

Another door, more candy, and still the doorbell was too high. Hannah opted for knocking on the door this time.

Hannah's visited one of her favorite babysitters on Halloween. Lauren and Hannah had a quality moment, the M&Ms helped.

Hannah is still short... Maybe next year she will be able to press all the door bells. Hannah runs to our front door and says, "Hannah make ding dong." You get the idea. Aunt Jillian is now pulling the wagon with a very tired and sleeping cousin Cecilia.

As you know already, Hannah trick or treated (is that how you say it?) as a Chef this year. Hannah walked the whole way, mostly holding hands with a neighborhood friend. As you can probably tell, she was the cutest child in the neighborhood. Momma did a great job finding a unique costume again this year. Good job Momma.

Last year Hannah had a sweet ride in "Daddy's" red wagon. It is Daddy's wagon, because he got it for his birthday. Anyway, this year Hannah's cousin Cecilia got to ride, and Hannah got to walk. Cecilia went as a caterpillar this year, the most colorful caterpillar ever. She looks like she is thrilled.

Hannah wanted to thank G and Pop again for her new Auburn Sippy Cups!

This is pretty much the finished product. Hannah did a great job, but Pop on the other hand... Everyone wanted to know how his was going to come out. I have to say, not as good as Hannah's. -Daddy

Sometimes the photographer feels the daggers coming through the camera viewfinder. -Management

Orange pumpkin, Orange colors, of course.

What do you do when your 2 year old wants to carve a pumpkin that is too small? You give her some colors and let her go crazy. Hannah got to color her pumpkin with G and Pop the day before Halloween. She got to do it without her shirt off because, while advanced, the concept of being clean has not yet been conveyed properly.

Hidden Messages

It seems that many people are missing the "hidden" messages in the last two posts...
Read the last two messages with an eye for detail.