Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hannah’s Birthday Bowling Bash

I realize it’s August 13th and Hannah’s birthday was July 1st.  I am really behind on posts I know!  Better late than never??


Hannah is ready for her friends to arrive so she can BOWL!


Mommy helping Julianna.


Reilly loved bowling! 


Tiny Might, Lilly!  She has more energy than any 2 year old I’ve ever seen!




Hannah ready to blow out the candles.  And, the memory card is full! 

Hannah 6 Year Stats

Weight – 44 lbs – 43%
Height – 43.5” – 16%

It’s confirmed!  Hannah is a healthy little 6 year old girl!  She’s weighs about 1 pound per inch!!


A new way to post.  I was starting to really hate the blogger interface!  Let’s try another way!



IMG_0334 IMG_0230 IMG_0233



Thursday, August 11, 2011

a Yummy Baptism

2 days after Sullivan's baptism, Reilly saw a picture of when he was baptized. He said, "Sissy, is that a picture from when Sullivan was 'appetized'?!!

That kid cracks me up!

Starter Pets

Last week we were getting ready for our trip to the beach and I told Hannah that I needed her to be a really good girl and a good helper in the car with the boys. She had been wanting a fish for quite some time and so I broke down and promised that she'd get a fish if she was really good. [subplot - Hannah's idol, Candice, had just asked me what she could get her for her birthday and I told her the only thing she hadn't gotten and really wanted was a fish. Not really thinking through the logistics of getting a fish home from Mobile. ]

So after promising Hannah that her good behavior might result in a fish, she looked at me with her big green eyes and said "Yeah, I've been thinking about that fish. And I think I'd rather have a horse."

I just about fell out of my seat. I told her that a horse really wasn't a good "starter" pet. She quickly said, well then what about a hamster. Yep, Mommy doesn't do rodents either.

Rainbow, Hannah's new fish, is fitting in quite nicely to our little family.

Water Please

We were leaving a restaurant a couple weeks ago and Reilly asked for a cup of water. I told him that we really didn't need any more water before we got home. Without hesitation he says, "well, den I'wwa just take a milkshake."


This past weekend we baptized Sullivan. (pictures to follow). During the Mass, the priest was speaking symbolically when he said "I am God and I am Here" in these troubled times when people are asking where God is. Ok... so most of the audience picked up on this symbolism. Not Reilly. While the priest was giving out the chalices to the Eucharistic Ministers Reilly said "Hmmm. What's God doing?" I started laughing hysterically. I knew exactly what he meant... I mean the priest DID just say HE was God!