Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hannah in action!

Hannah the rockstar!

Hannah is a rock star, and now she has the sunglasses to prove it.

Reilly and his aunt and his cousins (some of them).

Reilly's cousins were very excited to meet him yesterday, as was his aunt Danielle.

Reilly and Gram

Reilly is really taking a liking to Gram. Gram seems to have a way with him.


Hannah is three years old today! Happy Birthday Hannah. If you would like to call Hannah, use the "Call Me" button on the top right of the page.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Maybe Reilly will be a male cheerleader... Maybe I will not encourage that. -Daddy

Reilly is mature

So Reilly is a happy kid, but he does not know about all the fun he is missing out on the boat and in the water. He has really started to smile a lot lately, and responding to Momma's voice. He is also locking eyes when you get really close to him. Very mature things for a 6 week old to be doing.

Milk Coma revisited... Over and over again.

Meanwhile back at the ranch... Reilly is staying indoors and eating a lot. He is not allowed to get on the boat, go out on the beach in the sun, or otherwise have any fun. So we are taking pictures of him as we see him, in Momma's lap in his milk coma.

As you can most likely tell from the pictures, Hannah really liked her Drumstick ice cream cone. Good thing too, because that is all she got to eat before her nap when we got home.

Sequence of events...

Here is a sequence of Hannah taking down her ice cream cone.

When men take the kids out...

Sometimes the men are put in charge of the kids when the women are going out, and sometimes it goes all wrong, as documented here.

Hannah, Daddy, and Pop all went out for a boat ride. We decided to stop by the marina for an ice cream cone, when the carnage ensued.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

One for the Books

You might remember my post from a couple weeks ago where I mentioned that Hannah puts on her own clothes in the morning. Well, we've been doing this off and on for a couple weeks and it really has worked out well. Until...Friday.

So the story goes...

As usual, Hannah called for me to come get her. I went in to get her and she tells me..."Momma, the button is in my booty".

"WHAT??????????" "WHAT BUTTON??????" "WHERE???????????"

I see a shriveled up piece of thread laying next to her cute pink outfit that I had put out for her. "Hannah, show me where you put it."

"Right here, Momma" as she points to her 'girl parts'. I took a peek in and did not see the button. I tossed the sheets around, combed through the carpet, shook out the pillow. No button.

Next move, call the doctor. "Yes, my daughter put a button in her vagina. What do I do?" We've never heard of that one, ma'am. We'll call you back. They call back and tell me to take her to the Children's Hospital ER because they don't have the equipment for "such" things.

So we go to the ER. They repeated the same things I had done..asking her where she put it. Please point to where you put it, etc. She tells them the same thing she had told me. They don't see it either after taking a look. The doctor orders an XRAY. No button. The doctor orders an ultrasound. No button. He tells us there really isn't anything else he can do. Go home. Come back if you see any signs of infection.

So I'm thinking, "Man, I just dropped $100 (not to mention 4 hours) in the ER only to not find the freaking button my child has told me she has put in her 'booty'." Lovely.

Back at the ranch, a couple hours later. Andrew quietly brings Hannah's diaper to me. "Look, Steph. Look what we found." A FREAKING WHITE BUTTON AMONGST THE POO.

I can't make this stuff up.