Monday, July 24, 2006

This is the McCowen Family- Summer, Jay, and Asher. Jay just finished a 1 year tour of duty in Afghanistan where he helped train the new Afghan army. Jay was able to come home during his tour to see his son Asher born. The McCowen family is moving to UVA to work on a MBA degree. His Atlanta friends appreciate his service to our country and hope that after his tour of duty in ACC country he will return to the Atlanta area.

Uncle Gordon (Owens) is shown here asking Hannah the hard questions... "Do you want some hot wings? Hannah, do you know what Fire-Poops are?"

The party moved inside briefly due to the rain. While inside Maddie Spenner (see the link to the right of this page) did her own rock'n dance for the band. Maddie and Hannah are soon to be excellent friends when Hannah moves to town.

Hannah, her mother, Kylie, and Ashley held their own little tea party while everyone else was rocking it out to the sweet sounds of acoustic "Gin and Juice" outside on the deck during Summer Jam 2006.

Can anyone else see the fear in Hannah's eyes? That is because Kat is holding her and Hannah is not used to being that high up in the air.

"Summer-Jam" 2006 was held this past weekend in Atlanta. You know Hannah was totally into it. At one point, shown here, she mistook Summer-Jam for Mardi-Gras and stripped down to her redneck outfit. She was still a huge hit at the party, as you can see by the reaction in the background.