Monday, January 12, 2009

...But shortly after we got back home, she was down there "OCD'ing" (Obsesive Compulsive Disorder'ing). Momma cannot stand knowing there is a mess anywhere in the house, even if it is not a mess at all.

-I love you Momma... Daddy

The Playroom is ready!

To Momma's great relief, the playroom is finished. The playroom is the room at the bottom of the basement stairs where we have relocated Hannah's toys. This is a picture of the playroom after Hannah's best friend and potential future husband Evan tore it up. They did a fantastic job, just about every toy is on the floor. Momma was heard telling her mother that she was so happy that the playroom is done, she could just close the door and forget about the mess...

2 front teeth

They say that the pictures slow down with the second and additional children. I remember distinctly saying, "That will not happen to us!" Well I guess it is obvious that it has. Reilly pushed through his two bottom teeth a couple weeks back. This is the best picture we have of them at this point.

Reilly is now eating from the sitting position! Self feeding is the term used on the products marketed to the parents. Reilly is eating a carrot wagon wheel in these pictures. I am sure it is as good as it sounds, however Reilly likes them and that is all that matters.