Monday, June 11, 2007

One last one of Cecilia (and Papa)! Once again you can find a link to her page on the top right of this page.
Stephanie, Andrew, and Hannah want to once again congratulate Jillian and Charles on their newborn, and thank them for allowing us to be a part of her first week of life. Cecilia is a very pretty little girl and we look forward to seeing her grow up with Hannah. We hope you enjoy having Cecilia around as much as we have enjoyed having Hannah.

While Cecilia was not impressed by the photo session, Hannah was just interested in the band-aid on the bottom of Cecilia's foot (where she has received her shots). Hannah is into stickers right now, and most likely thought Cecilia had a sticker that Hannah did not get.

Bebe and Papa brought their 2 granddaughters out to get some pictures together. Hannah kept giving Cecilia a "piss". Momma and Daddy need to work on that "K" sound.

For some time now, Hannah has barked out "Baby!" anytime she saw someone close to her size. Hannah spent some time here trying to figure out how to get in the swing with Cecilia. Instead, she was content to run around the house with Cecilia's Piglet doll.

Cecilia Grace in all of her glory. If you would like to see more pictures of Cecilia, look to the top right of this page for a link to Cecilia's website.

Hannah's Daddy got to spend a minute in front of the camera with Cecilia. Cecilia needs to be in direct sunlight. Daddy is not sure why, but he suspects Cecilia's mother wants her to get a tan.

Hannah was very good with the new baby. She was very inquisitive, but knew to be gentle with Cecilia. BeBe, Hannah, and Cecilia spent some time together.

Hannah's new cousin was born last week. Cecilia Grace (last name withheld) was born on 06-04-07. Hannah visited Cecilia the day she was born and hung out with her for several days.

Hannah was on the edge of her seat after the screen went black at the end of the Sopranos. She covered her ears waiting for that final gunshot that would take out Tony, however it never came.

The last episode of the Sopranos left Hannah crying. Not because it was going off the air, but because David Chase choose to end the series with all kinds of questions lingering. Hannah woke up this morning demanding we drop HBO.

Green ice cream is most certainly the best kind.

Hannah has been a bit slow on learning NOT to throw her food on the floor. Sometimes it is just an accident, however when you see this much on the floor you have to wonder? I can not tell you how hard it is to take when Hannah looks me square in the eye and drops food on the floor. Grrrr. -Daddy

So Hannah got her hands on spaghetti again, and as you can see, she was happy about it. Nothing goes better with spaghetti than some green ice cream!