Friday, March 28, 2008


Here's the scene at Kroger the other day:

strange man: "how much longer do you have?"
Steph: "8 weeks"
strange man: "do you think you're going to make it?"
Steph: "that's my goal"
strange man: "Is it twins?"
Steph: "uh, no, it's just one."
strange man: "Isn't the female body amazing. I mean how do women carry all that weight. It just doesn't seem possible."
Steph: (silent blank stare while the voices in my head are saying "beep, beep, beep" as the man is trying to back-pedal out of this hole he's dug)
strange man: My wife is pregnant and I just look at her in awe that she can walk around for 2 people.
Steph: why don't you go buy her flowers (pointing to the floral department)
strange man walks away.

Never ask a pregnant woman if she's having twins. She will tell you if she wants you to know.

Bubble Belly

So the other day, Evan, one of Hannah's friends, came over. Evan is 3 years old and a very active and curious little boy. After his Mom dropped him off, he walked up to me, touched my stomach and said "eww.. you got a bubble belly". I just laughed.

Then, he dropped down on the floor as if to look up my shirt. He said "what's in there?". I explained to him that there's a baby in there... to which he replied.. "I want to see it". Of course, Hannah chimed in, "I want to see it too, Mommy". I told them there was nothing to see. So, they both got up off the floor and went about their busy little 3 year old day.