Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doctor Office Visit

Yesterday we went to the doctor's office for them to re-check Reilly's ears to make sure the medicine had zapped the double ear infection. While we were there waiting in the examination room, Hannah asked if she could get up on the table with Reilly. Sure, no problem. She looks me straight in the eye and said "Momma, I would like to not get a shot today, please."

Such a polite, well mannered little girl (when she thinks it will work in her favor).

Birthday Party & Balloons!

Hannah hamming it up for the camera at Evan's birthday Party.

Hannah and Evan.

Action shot of Hannah running. We need to submit this to Nike. She could be our ticket!

Birthday party fun with a parachute!

Reilly absolutely loved this balloon. It was a sad day when we had to throw it away.

More balloon fun!

March Madness can't escape Hannah!