Saturday, April 23, 2011


Andrew's parent's (G and Pop) came to town today to meet Sullivan and to see Hannah and Reilly. They came after Sullivan got out of the Transition room, so they got to hold Sullivan for a short time. Bebe and Papa (Stephanie's parents) came to town a day earlier and have been very helpful with keeping Hannah and Reilly occupied while we have been at the hospital. We look forward to getting some pictures of Bebe and Papa with Sullivan now that he is out of the Transition room.

Thanks to everyone that is helping us out during Sullivan's first days.

Our Friends- they are great ones!

Our Auburn Gang came by the room to meet Sullivan tonight. We even got to FaceTime with a missing gang member. They brought with them dinner for Mommy and Daddy and some drinks to celebrate. We really appreciate them coming to see us and for the great friendships we have with them all. Here are a couple pictures of the future babysitting crew:

Better times for Sullivan

Here are some picture of Sullivan a little happier...

If you couldn't figure it out, this is Dr. Basill that helped deliver Sullivan. Huge thanks to him for letting Momma see the gender of the baby first!

More picture of Sullivan getting mistreated

They really treat these newborns harshly when they first pop out.

More pictures of Sullivan

Sullivan's progress

The Transition room just called (woke up Stephanie) to tell us Sullivan is getting out of that room and moving to the nursery on our floor. We are thrilled. We should get him back in our room for his feeding sometime in the next 2 hours. Pictures are sure to be taken.

Hannah, Reilly, and Sullivan- "Team Chambers"

Hannah and Reilly have not been able to see Sullivan in person yet. Sullivan is in the Transition room being watched for his breathing, so Hannah and Reilly were forced to check him out from afar.

First Video of Sullivan

He is about 15 minutes old in this video. Click twice to see the full video.

Sullivan William Chambers

Sullivan was born on 04-23-2011 at 12:45PM. He weighed in at 8 lbs 14oz, 21 inches long. Stephanie is recovering well. Sullivan is currently in the "Transition" room to be monitored for fast breathing. We are not real concerned at this point.


More to follow!

starting in 20 minutes...

Stephanie will start pushing in 20 minutes!

Contractions / Discomfort

Stephanie just got the "Pitocin" drip, which makes the contractions harder and more frequent. I got the impression we are going to be on that for about an hour before they check to see if Stephanie can start pushing. Stephanie is "uncomfortable but not in pain" due to the epidural drip.

Stephanie allows herself to be photographed

For the first time, and after totally covering herself from head to toe with her sheets, Stephanie agreed to be photographed!

Doctor just came in and is going to "kick it up a notch" and give Stephanie some drugs to speed up the contractions. Stephanie is going to love it. -Andrew

"The waiting is the hardest part"

Just talked to the nurse... We are waiting for Stephanie to feel pressure, then we start pushing. Sorry for the boring update, but Stephanie is sleeping and the lights are off (no pictures). I am bored too. -Andrew


You would think with 10 months time to discuss names, we would have a boy and girl name picked out already, however you would be incorrect. We have the girl name picked out, but still can't agree on a boy name. I am going to wait until Stephanie is drugged up to sign the birth certificate! -Andrew

Water broken... now we wait more

The doctor has broken Stephanie's water and now we wait some more. He thought it would be within 3 hours, however 3rd time mothers tend to go fast.


The doctor just left the room. Drugs are on the way! Stephanie is doing well and the doctor thinks K3 could be here by 11AM.

Doctor in the room, talking...

Talking with the doctor now...


We are in our room at the hospital, and Stephanie is now resting. We got here around 2:15AM. We were told not to expect the baby to arrive until around noon later today. The doctor would likely be in around 8AM. I'll keep you posted via this space. -Andrew

At the hospital!

Here we are again, this time for baby #3.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Making Room

Baby #3 has been making room lately, however there really isn't any room to be had. Don't believe me? Watch this...

Click on the video twice to open it to see the whole thing (our blog cuts off the edge of the video)

Stephanie's progress

Stephanie's doctor visit today showed progress toward delivery. The doctor said she would be surprised if Stephanie made it to her Monday induction, and she thought the baby would come by tonight!

NOTE- I was specifically given permission to post these pictures!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have been scheduled for an induction on Monday morning. I will go in Sunday night. We'll be a family of 5 by the end of Monday (hopefully!)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby's First Blessing

On Sunday, I was walking into Mass when the Deacon approached me from the side. He said Holy Cow! How much longer? I told him it would probably be an Easter baby. He said, well I hope so for your sake! He then proceeded to bless the baby with the sign of the cross and then told the baby to be good to his Momma! I hope he listened!


Nothing has changed. The doctor is willing to induce. I am not.... I think it's only fair to give him until his due date. (and no, I don't know that it's a boy). So, I go back Friday. If no Easter weekend baby, then we'll most likely induce early next week.