Tuesday, July 03, 2007

While all that playing was going on in the other room, Hannah's cousin Cecilia was snoozing away in the other room. Cecilia is only weeks old, but Hannah loves being around her. Hannah is not quite big enough yet to really hold her. When she is, there are surely some pictures to follow.

Someday Hannah will be a big girl; however, right now it is a trick of the camera.

Hannah has become very affectionate lately. When we put her to bed, or randomly, we will ask her to give Momma or Daddy a kiss (Which she pronounces "PISS") and she will comply. Anyway, we told Hannah to give Little E a kiss, and Hannah proceeded to recreate the Brittney Spears/Madonna kiss. That is not what we had in mind.

And Little E did come back. You can also see that Hannah has been playing very hard down at the beach this week. She has skinned up her knee a couple times. At one point it started bleeding again, but Hannah did not mind. She was too busy playing with Little E.

As mentioned below, Hannah was trying very hard to play with Little E, but she had other plans. Hannah looks worried that Little E will not come back to play.

Hannah found a set of chairs and a small table meant for dolls to sit in. "Little E" (as her parents call her) and Hannah were able to squeeze into the chairs so they sat in them. It was cute to see them both in these miniature chairs.

Hannah and her friend Elizabeth played together almost all day yesterday. It was the first time that Daddy noted Hannah playing in a more social way. She wanted to include Elizabeth in everything. Elizabeth is only 13 months old and did not quite want to play with Hannah, just around her. Either way they both had fun playing today.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Here she is trying to get it to fall off again.

Hannah is outgrowing her birthday hat. The same one she wore on her first birthday. She enjoyed making it fall off, and having Momma keep coming back to put it back on her head.

Here you can she her dainty way she picks at the icing.

Hannah was very excited about the cake, but did not really attack it. Much like her first birthday, she picked at it a little bit. She did not really get too messy. Momma tried to get her to blow the candles out, but Hannah could not quite get them.

The answer to the questions posed below!

What is Hannah doing? Why is she so patiently waiting in her high chair? The chair she hates to sit in, instead of Momma's lap?

Hannah and cousin Cecilia were difficult to get to pose for a picture with Lauren and Great Grandmother "Gram". You can see Hannah is a ham in front of the camera.

Hannah could not sit still for her photo-op with her cousin Lauren. But she was able to keep the bow in her hair for more than a minute.

Even though Hannah was tired and did not really want to wake up, when she did she was very happy. She can tell you that she is "2", but can not quite yet show you like Daddy can.

BeBe made a cake for Hannah. Hannah's "real" birthday party is Wednesday, July 4th, when all her cousins can be with her.

Hannah is 2 years old!

Hannah has been at the beach for a couple days now. On her birthday, July 1st, Hannah was wiped out... at 11AM. She has been playing at the pool and hanging out at the beach so much that she has been sleeping in very late. Momma and Daddy had to go in and wake her up because she was going to sleep through her our birthday lunch.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hannah! We love you!

Mom & Dad