Monday, July 03, 2006

Hannah enjoyed her party and is still enjoying her new doll. There will be video posted soon of Hannah eating her cake. Video takes a little longer to post. Thanks for coming to see Hannah today!

No really she loves them, but she wants her freedom too.

Here McKay was able to get Hannah to put her doll down for a minute to open another present. Hannah's cousins Curran, MaryKeenan, and McKay really love Hannah, and she loves them.

I think there is a learning curve for Hannah to be gentle with her doll. The Nicholas girls will help her out there. -Andrew

It seems there might be a slight resemblance between Hannah and her doll... at least between their hair anyway.

Again, thanks to Jillian for getting Daddy in front of the camera.

She really never put the doll down the rest of the night.

I am not sure why Jillian was trying to separate those two, but it did not work out.

OK, maybe there are more than three pictures of this event. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Kind of like when a young boy gets his first BB gun.

The hug! Hannah has barely put this doll down since she got it. It is so cute to see her carry her doll around...

The "turn"...

It is rare I wish we had video in lieu of photographs, but this three shot sequencer does not do this justice like a video would. Momma bought Hannah her first (new) baby doll. Momma knew best in this case... Hannah just loves this doll. Check out all three pictures...

Hannah got her first laptop computer for her birthday. The loyal readers already know there is an "Advanced" comment on the way... She is so advanced she can already hit the same button repeatedly and make the same noise over and over again.

Hannah had a little reaction, to the cake (or the pink icing). She never acted sick or bothered, but she did get some red marks on her face. Aunt Leigh sprung into action and ran down the street to get some Children's Benadryl from Aunt Danielle's house. Shortly after Hannah took her medicine the marks disappeared. Momma and Daddy had planned on teller Hannah she is allergic to sweets to combat the Chambers sweet tooth, but there could actually be a little truth in it.

Here is a little proof of Hannah getting tired.

As I said in the last post, Hannah was starting to get really tired. She still did a good job opening her presents, of which there were many. Hannah would like to thank everyone who brought or sent a present. It was enough just to have everyone there, but the gives were much appreciated.
As an aside, Stephanie and Andrew can tell you exactly which children's toys will talk, sing, or jingle in the car trunk for 7.5 to 8 hours during the drive home. Hannah can't tell you, because she was asleep much of the way home.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to... And I want to.

Next it was G and Pop's turn with Hannah and her cake. She was starting to get tired of everyone staring at her eat her cake, and she was definitely getting tired. It is hard work turning 1 year old.

BB and Papa got their turn to pose with Hannah and her cake. You can see Hannah is starting to feel a little heavy and is sliding down in her seat.

Hannah took some time off from the cake to discuss some stock diversification strategies with Papa. You can see Hannah brought up some points Papa had not considered. He was very impressed.

Daddy is in two pictures in a row, it must be a record. Thanks to Jillian for getting Daddy in front of the camera.
After eating so much icing, Daddy thought she should at least try the cake. BB did a wonderful job on the cake as always. If you are wondering, the cake was NOT low fat, but we told Hannah it was. She is always watching her girlish figure.

You can almost see the wheels turning, "Daddy just wiped icing all over my nose, I think I can return the favor." Hannah is more adult than Daddy and held back. Daddy can be so juvenile!

After Hannah spent a little time eating the cake like a little lady (sans mess), we decided to give her a fork to see if she could create a little bit more of a mess. It worked, but not like we wanted. Instead of getting more on her face, she started swinging the fork around and flinging cake on the floor and the innocent bystanders.

That is better! Daddy just "helped" her get some on her nose. There is video of Daddy "helping," but that video might get lost. -Andrew

It was almost disappointing how little cake Hannah got on her face while eating. Her Daddy eventually had to "help" her get some on her nose. Thinking about it there could be two reasons why she was so good about keeping the cake in her mouth instead of on her face:
1. Hannah is much like her mother who is a neat freak!
2. Hannah is so advanced, it was more like her forth birthday, and therefore not as messy.

Hannah drew quite a crowd for her birthday! She knows she is very fortunate to have so many good friends and admirers. She wants to thank everyone who braved the incredibly long drive to the beach (traffic was bad on this holiday weekend) to she her dive into her first cake. -Management

Finally, Hannah got her birthday cake! However, an old episode of Seinfeld came on and everyone got distracted. It was the one where George got out of the cold pool and someone walked in on him changing (there was significant shrinkage). We all laughed! The candle burned down to the cake and got wax all over the cake. Since the wax is toxic we could not allow Hannah to eat it, so we threw it away and Hannah went to bed with no dinner. OK, none of that happened, but I had you going for a little while, right?

As you can see the party was about to get started. BB and G were very excited! Stephanie was too, but she saw the camera and ducked back in the doorway. Has anyone else noticed Stephanie does not appear on the site very often? That is because she goes behind Management's back and removes pictures of herself. Management is very disappointed in that kind of behavior.

But that did not stop her from trying...

Something very concerning happened on the way to the party... Hannah started trying to get into the liquor cabinet! It seems that the cake she was about to have for the first time was not good enough. The misunderstanding was cleared up and now Hannah understands that she has to wait until she is at least 15 before she starts drinking.

BB made this beautiful cake for Hannah's birthday, and Hannah's Godmother Jillian decorated it. In future pictures you will see Hannah enjoyed it quite a bit, you will also notice how advanced she is.

Hannah made the long trip to Orange Beach this weekend for her first birthday. If you think about it, it is actually her second birthday, July 1st last year being her first. If you do not believe it, check this website's archives, she even had a cake that day (she did not get to eat any that day, but she had one). Hannah is modeling her birthday dress with "G" in this picture. Hannah has become such an internet superstar; relatives came all the way from Delaware to see her on her birthday, by car. Hannah enjoyed meeting Aunt Georgia (G's sister) and Uncle Tom.

Hannah's birthday update

Hannah returned late last night from her first birthday party at the
beach. Hannah's personal photographer also returned very late last
night. Management hopes to find some time tonight to post some of the
most memorable moments from the trip. Hannah thanks all who called to
wish her a happy birthday. -Management