Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Lately Reilly has been grabbing at everything! I mean EVERYTHING! One day I ended up with a bowl of cereal in my lap because he grabbed it and dumped it in my lap. I was just thankful that I had NOT gotten a shower yet that day!

His latest incident was at church on Sunday. We all went up for communion (Hannah for her blessing...so cute with her arms crossed over her chest). Andrew was holding Reilly (nicknamed "Scrappy") and I was right behind them. Andrew paused for a split second after receiving his communion when "Scrappy" reached into the bowl of hosts as if it was his turn for communion. He swirled them around bit before I was able to remove his hand from the bowl. The Eucharistic Minister & I got a good laugh. He said to me "Well, I've never had that happen before!" Then he gave me communion as I chuckled to go back to my seat.

Gotta love that "Scrappy"!