Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One Lady and a Camry

Who needs "2 Men and a Truck" when you can have "One Lady and a Camry"?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, that is it from (name withheld) city dance class. Hannah had a great time, as always, and here she is getting her stamp! Of all the activities, I think this one was the most well disciplined one. All the girls ran over and sat next to the instructor to get that stamp. Hannah will talk about those stamps all day!

The last "dance" the girls participated in was one where they crawled through a dog tunnel. Ok, it was not really a dog tunnel, but I think I have seen dogs run through ones exactly like this one. -Management

The "dancers" were supposed to roll the hula-hoop around, but Hannah slide hers around the room. She likes to do her own thing.

No, they could not do the hula-hoop very well, but they tried!

Another time that the girls did what the instructor asked them to do. It is actually pretty amazing to see so many girls that age (approximately 2) to do what the teacher asked them to do.

Occasionally Hannah needed her space away from the other girls.

Not all of the girls are happy to be there, but Hannah is. She does not seem all that disappointed to leave her parents outside the classroom.

This was one of the rare times in the class where all the girls seemed to be on the same page. It was early in the class.

Calling it dance class might be a stretch. Calling it "Organized chaios" might be a better description. The instructor gets stuff out of this closet, then the girls go wild with that toy for about 5 minutes.

This was the scene on Monday morning at Hannah's dance class! The kids are inside, and the mothers (and one photographer) were relegated to watching through a window. Not much of a chance to get good pictures of Hannah dancing, but I gave it the good ole college try. -Management

Sunday, October 07, 2007

There was almost an "incident" with another kid at the pumpkin patch. Cooler heads prevailed and the "incident" was avoided.

Hannah was very proud of her pumpkin.

Check out the correct form... Hannah is lifting with her legs not her back. She is amazing.

The good thing about leaving the corn maze, is there are pumpkins outside the maze! Hannah cruised around the piles of pumpkins, however we did not find any truly good ones there.

Hannah is starting to wear down. It is time to find our way out of the maze.

Just a random picture of Hannah's mother in the maze. She might look like she knows where we are in the maze, because she is holding the map of the maze, but looks are frequently deceiving.

We have been in the maze a little while now, and you might be able to see a little less happy look on Hannah's face now. The day was hot, at least 90 degrees in the sun, and Hannah was sweaty at this point. She wanted to be carried, but not by Daddy. Hannah's parents might have made a tactical error in bringing her to the maze at nap time.

And we are off!

Her she is ready to conquer the corn maze, all 2'6" tall of her. Not that Daddy could had much more of an advantage at 5'4". We let her run free and asked her to follow us into the maze.

Does this look like the face of a loving, adorable child who is breathlessly waiting to run around in a corn maze? Or does it look more like a child waiting to have a meltdown in the 90 degree heat, in the middle of a corn maze? You can take your pick, but I will never tell (until a later post).

Hannah got to do all the corny things. Get it, "corny", at the corn maze? Ha!

Daddy tried to help Hannah look a bit taller, however Daddy is really is not the best person for that job.

Pictures can deceive the viewer sometimes... I realize Hannah seems larger than life on her website, but she is actually quite small, still.

Back to the Corn Maze!

As promised, Hannah made her way back to the corn maze today! "Uncle Shuck" welcomed Hannah back with a huge sign (seen here). Other people walked under Hannah's sign, but she did not mind.