Friday, September 14, 2007

I had a little extra time and played with some filters in Photoshop...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Although Hannah is cheering here, it did not last much longer... While Hannah slept in the fourth quarter, Auburn's offense did the same. Hannah will be back, but maybe not next week. She might get to stay and play back home so her parents can enjoy the game a little more.

At one point during the game, you could see Hannah's concern for Auburn's chances of winning the game.

Hannah seems a little too interested in the beer in Momma's hand. We think Hannah is learning bad habits from her Louisianna friend Elizabeth. Hannah's parents need to reconsider who they let her hang around with.

Hannah was sporting "vintage" Auburn gear this weekend. She is wearing one of her cousins loaner cheerleading outfits. Hannah got many complements on her outfit and wanted to thank Aunt Danielle and her cousins for the loaner.

Hannah and Elizabeth hung out together again before the game.

Everyone (Hannah, Momma, and Brandon) was all smiles before the game, but afterward not so much. Auburn had a very poor outing, and Hannah was very upset by the end of the game. Next week Auburn will play at 12:30AM EST, but Hannah fears a similar result for that game. Hannah thinks Auburn needs to find some offense this weke and find it fast, or it will be a very long season.

Hannah's mother is now making her "pretty bows." Hannah runs around all the time asking where her "pretty bow" is?

Hannah still does not understand why Auburn did not try to score with 30 seconds left in the game, rather than going to overtime. She was bewildered.

Hannah is very good at shaking her shaker. She knows when to shake and when to put it down and complain about the lack of offensive talent Auburn has this year.

Hannah had a great time in Auburn the last two weeks. Both games were late starts and Hannah's mother and father were worried that she would have a difficult time staying up WAY past her bedtime. Here Hannah went to "Tiger Walk" and saw all of the Auburn players walking through the crowd to the stadium.